Chubby Honey’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Jungah¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contouring + Forehead + Nose + Eyelid surgery)



It even looks like different person, right?

I hated my angled and bumpy face line, forehead, nose and eyes.. 




I don¡¯t know how I will be now if i didn¡¯t get the surgery done at


I will never dream of this face! Which is wonderful!!


Here is my before photo for comparison..!!







5 days after the plastic surgery 



I had yellow bruise and swelling, but I was getting better actually. 

I did ice-pack massages, had pumpkin juice, gargled everyday.

The splint on nose was removed on this day, and it was so relieving!






12 days after the plastic surgery



Considering the first day after surgery, my swelling is subsiding so quickly!

I heard that swelling under chin lasts 2-3 months, but other areas, 

I think the swelling won¡¯t last that long~


I went shopping, and driving with friends and had no problem doing everyday activity~

After 2 weeks, I went to the clinic for check-up and stitch removal~





17days after the plastic surgery



The major swelling subsides quickly, but minor swelling lasts longer than I thought.


I met a friend after surgery and she said 

my face looks smaller than before even with swelling.





1 month after the plastic surgery



I have soft noodles, and eggs for meal~

I know time will heal everything, so I put on face band regularly for swelling subsidence





6 weeks after the plastic surgery



Compare to 4 weeks after, the swelling subsided a lot, right?

I can open my eyes little bit bigger now.





8 weeks after the plastic surgery



Time passed so fast!

I cannot notice my look in the mirror, but it is noticeable through photo.

I can now eat hard and chewy food~





10 weeks after the plastic surgery



I can now open my eyes as big as 2 fingers in !






63 days after the plastic surgery



I had Barbecues~ I brush my teeth more comfortably ><

People around me ask how I got so prettier within this short time!

My look changes as swelling subsides~





14 weeks after the plastic surgery



I went for regular check-up at the clinic and suggested 

for Accusculpting after I lose some weight.

I have perfect V-line by the x-ray, but it is not visible because of my fats..T.T






But it does look different from the before photo, right?





100 days after the plastic surgery



It was hard for me to eat popcorn, but I can have it all night long now~~

I still have some swelling on cheek and inside the mouth,

But sensation is all back to normal~!





4 months after the plastic surgery



Now minor swellings are subsiding~

I don¡¯t have to wear lot of make-up >_<





135 days after the plastic surgery



As minor swellings subside, my face line is more defined.

I arranged Accusculpting for skin tightening~





Here is my before photos¡¦..



It¡¯s embarrassing to show my before, but for comparison>_<





22 weeks / 2 weeks after Accusculpting



I took this photo when I went to removed the stitches from accusculpting. I have swelling on cheeks! The effect will show about some time after~





160 days/ 20days after Accusculpting/The comparison without make-up! 



The time passed and it¡¯s been already 160 days since my face contouring surgery!

And it seems like I am settled after accusculpting!





The size is different¡¦.. wow

I did have some worrying time when swelling was subsiding slowly, 

but for this result, it is nothing!!^^





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