Potter’s Hair Transplant Surgery Real Review


Chubby Honey’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Teardrop implant Breast Augmentation surgery)




It’s been 6 months since I got my breast surgery done!

I hope my real review will courage more people who wonders about the surgery~








I was always discouraged due to flat breast as woman.

I had to put pads inside the bra to look bigger, but you know, it was not enough.


So I decided to get Breast Augmentation done, and found the clinic with best reviews and reputation, Banobagi..!









I got it done!

I was feeling nervous before the surgery, and nurse came and said I will be under anesthesia.. then..

I woke up, feeling bit dizzy.


The size of the implant for me was 330cc, and I feel tender around the breast like someone punched my chest hard.


People around me said breast surgery is the most painful surgery, but it wasn’t as much I thought, gladly!









2 days after







5 days after

I cannot imagine this is my real breast!!

As I get volume on breast, my waist looks slimmer!!










19 days after

I was so happy about the surgery and it was time I started taking photos! Hehe








21 days after

Here is before and after photos for comparison.

Same bra, different feeling!!!


From this time, my upper breast was slowly becoming natural.








52 days after

It looks settled down day by day~


It is more natural and I have cleavage!!!








60 days after

It’s been 2 months already!


I put on my bras and took photos~









3 months after

I shopped for beautiful breasts.

When I pass by the lingerie shop, or watch home shopping programs,

I just buy them all!

Don’t you love my breast!!?









Here is the comparison,

With volume,,

It is total difference whether you have the volume or not!!

I figure breast is very important for woman.










4 months after

When I wear sleeveless shirt, it looks just as is!!

It feels like my breast now.


Look at my cleavage!!!










6 months after

I look sexy with only sleeveless shirt!!

You know, you have to have breast, period.

But no one notice my surgery!!











I love the texture, too.

As time passes, C cup is no longer big for me!

I am fully satisfied with the result and found confidence from the surgery!!!


For women who concerns with flat breasts,

Do not hesitate, but think of getting boobsjob done!!








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