Yungji’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


JY’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Protruded mouth surgery)





I had protruded mouth,, and also had angled jaw.

So I look like dowdy girl from countryside..

But as jaw surgery is considered as major surgery,

I concerned a LOT before the surgery!! T.T

But my decision was Banobagi!!!!






This is how I looked 50 days after surgery!

Huh? Who is this??

I look more refined, right??

These photos make me pleased^^


This is how I took my photos before the surgery.

Even how much I try to look good, I look dull in the photo.

People even asked if I had something bad issue going on…







This bad habit of covering mouth area when taking photos..

I don’t know since when..








I trusted Banobagi, and decided for the surgery!!


Mouth protrusion can be corrected by retruding 4 front teeth for my case!

So I was suggested to extract 4 teeth!^^

It is exciting feeling before the surgery,

All I need to wait for is to look prettier, right?

I imagined myself after surgery, V-line face with retruded mouth,,

I was nervous but feeling good at the same time!! ^^








I got it done!!

I removed the hemovac and took the photo with my husband ^^

You know, I am a coward and worried so much about the surgery, but it was done safely!^^


Now is the time to mange my swelling and bruising~









Until 3rd day after surgery, swelling was pretty bad,

but after 4 days, it went down pretty fast!









1 week after surgery~

When I wear the hat with mask on, no –one notice about my surgery history!

I went for regular check-up at the clinic and also got face massage~


It felt really good, like my skin was getting better, and prettier~~!







About 11 days after,

My mouth seems a bit awkward because of minor swellings and wafer,

But still fully satisfied !!!

I love taking selfies now!!! Congrat me for that!! Haha








I went to the clinic for regular check-up for examination~

Finding my confidence!

Stitch-out was done, and I also started to practice mouth opening~!

I should not get lazy with it,,, but as I get excited after surgery,

I am getting lazy practicing… T.T








Time flew and 3 weeks passed already!

I can eat meals now!

People compliment me for smaller face after surgery

That I am full without eating, and happy ^^







Exactly one month after surgery!!

I am so Happy and Impressed!!!!









I can eat much food now, and sensation of face area is back to normal!!

This is the day to remove the wafer and get braces on!









Two months after surgery~

I was too lazy to practice mouth opening, so my jaw began to stiffen.

The surgeon said If I do not get started to practice again even today, it will stiff.

So I got scared and started to practice again… haha

Usually, if I have practiced regularly, I could open my mouth wide as 4 fingers in..

Let’s get started!!!









111days after surgery~~!!!!!

Here is my profile~~

All the fats covering my angles jaw!

As my jaw got smaller, the fats lost their place to stay,,

You can see the saggy fats on face, right?

That’s minor swelling and also my smile line..

The fats on this designed(marked) area will be removed with Accusculpt!!











The fats on the side of the nose will be removed through inside the nose, and double chin fats will be removed with two holes on jaw area~






This was 4 days after surgery!!

I was told that swelling will subside within 1 weeks and minor swelling will subside

within 3-6 months over time..

But 4 days after Accusculpt, I didn’t have swelling nor bruising, so I went out and met people!

I also wanted to show off ^^;;







10 days after Accusculpt!

I can feel the bio-bond, it doesn’t bother me from doing everyday activities!

I have V-line now which is soooooo happy for me!!!!








My mouth still seems a bit protruded because of braces,

But I am so excited to see my result after!

I will look prettier than now, right???


Thank you BANOBAGI ^^!!! You found my confidence!!


My friend asked if I would get the surgery done if I go back to before surgery.

My answer was DEFINITELY!!!!

I am that happy about the result!!

And you can feel how I was so stressed from it…


I made a good decision to get the surgery done at Banobagi !

THANK YOU Banobagi ^_^


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