Chrissy’s Breast Augmentation Real Review


Chrissy's Breast Augmentation

Real Review at BANOBAGI 



Before – After


Hi, everyone! For readers who have read my first post on this blog,

I have mentioned one of the causes I have lost my confidence

and decided to undergo plastic surgery, do you guys remember?


Yes!! Because after childbirth, very significant weight gained (20kg more)

and breastfed the child up to 2 years, breasts that were once in good size

and perky became saggy and small, thus making me lose the confidence as awoman,

haha ^^



When I was younger and single, breasts size were not really bad^^;



After having child and breastfeeding for 1 year


Anyway, I feel very grateful to have entrusted the Banobagi clinic

to help restore my feminine side with breast augmentation surgery by doctor Kyunam Han,

who is one of the trusted Specialists board-certified Plastic surgeons at the Banobagi Clinic.

I did not feel nervous or worried when I was having the consultation with him. Dr. Han

in addition to being very meticulous and calm in explaining in detail,

the process before and after surgery, what should I expect from the results of surgery,

and also what size is appropriate so as not to overdo my posture,

to avoid unwanted risks if the implant too big,

he is also a friendly doctor and humorous so I really enjoy the time of consultation with him.


Enough with the introduction, let's go directly to the awaited topic,

the results before and after the operation from day zero to 1 month post op 🙂


Day 0 – Operation Day



Examination before surgery



Breasts became saggy and so small after breastfed and diet


After a quite long consultation with Dr. Han who patiently listened

and answered all my questions, we finally decided to use Motiva implants, full, 350cc

because I want my breasts to look beautiful even without having to use a bra,

but not excessively big.


A little overview of Motiva implants, this implant is the latest and safest technology in this era,

and only really reliable and trusted hospital or plastic surgery clinics

could have the license to use Motiva, one of the reason why i chose Banobagi Clinic.

Motiva implants can be said to be the safest implants ever

since they provide patient access to specific implant data such as serial number,

manufacturer name, date of manufacturer , lot number,

and other data through a secure micro transponder.



This technology is used as an electronic serial number

to identify breast implants safely from outside the body,

in the doctor's office to help ensure patient safety.


Motiva implant shape also adopts 2 forms of implants

that always have been either round or tear-drop shaped.

When standing, the Motiva implant shape will resemble the original breast,

which is like a teardrop, slightly flat on the upper pole

and more full on the lower pole of the breast.

Below, while laying down, the implants will be round shaped.

Because Motiva implants could mimic the real breast' movement,

it makes Motiva is the most natural looking and feel implant ever.


And because of its adaptable shape,

Motiva implants eliminate the disadvantages of each implants shape,

which is round shaped implants have the risk that implant becomes palpable

and the risk of oval or teardrop shaped implant,

when implant rotation occurs causing undesired aesthetic shape.



The point is I am very happy with the Motiva implants

which the only one have revolutionary technology

and could not wait for the results of my operation with Motiva implants.




Few hours after waking up from general anesthesia :p

resting inside the inpatient room in Clinic


The surgery only took 2 hours and since waking up from general anesthesia,

I immediately gained full consciousness.

My chest felt tight because of bandages and I felt the pain like big weight pressure

on the chest area, but very honestly said,

breast surgery pain is still a lot bearable than jaw surgery,

maybe because this time I could eat as much as I like, haha ..


I stayed in the inpatient room at the clinic for one night.

The nurse in the inpatient room unit who welcomed me said that my face looks fresh

as I did not seem like after having a major surgery

or after under the influence of general anesthesia.

Because I walked from operation room to the inpatient room with full conscious and smile, haha!

But it should be noted, everyone has different levels of pain endurance

and body speed to recover.

I may be included in people who have a quick recovery

and also I am sure it was also because of the dexterity of doctors in operation

so that I was not too long under the influence of general anesthesia.


After almost 3 hours after surgery and must fasting a little more

to remove the remaining anesthetic gas left in the lungs,

the nurse finally came and brought me a drink and a warm porridge.

Once my stomach was filled I was able to sleep soundly

even though my back was elevated in a position of almost 90 degrees.


Day 1 After Operation



Bandaged for 3 days to help with the swelling


As the consultant at Banobagi told me before I had surgery,

day 1 to day 3 after surgery was the worst day

because this period where the swelling would be maximum so it felt more pain.

Fortunately, the aftercare treatment of this Banobagi clinic is no doubt.

Early morning Dr. Han came to checked and asked about my condition.

Really, he is a very attentive and friendly doctor.

After leaving the inpatient ward at the clinic,

I returned to Banobagi guest house.

Here on weekdays I always get a complete lunch, delicious and rich in nutrition.


Day 2



I could lift my arms up to my head. Because I am a right-handed person,

my right chest felt more pain when I lifted my right arm than the left arm.

However, I could walk around Gangnam area even though chest still felt very heavy! haha ..

But my breath was panting when I have to climb up and down stairs

that had never been a problem if just up and down the stairs in station ..

I was wondering – if this the suffer that experienced by people with big breasts ?! ^^;


Day 3



No stitches !! ^^


I have not taken the painkiller anymore on this third day

because amazingly the pain has decreased considerably.

The surgery wound became itchy indicating a healing reaction.

Oh yes, one more great reason I chose Banobagi is by using the latest technology,

breast surgery is no longer using stitches!

So no longer needed to wait until 7-10 days to open the stitches,

because of dermabond, a kind of glue for the skin after surgery!

So that busy career women no longer need to bother to back to a clinic just to open stitches,

cheers to technology!


Day 6



I already could lift my arms straight up high!



Still without bra ^^


As the immense pain in my chest diminished,

my arms are getting free to move, up, sideways, etc., changing clothes became easier.

I no longer have trouble getting up from sleep and already able to sleep

without having to elevate my back so high.


Day 7



Feel very grateful and many thanks for Dr. Han. He is a wonderful doctor!


Today is the last check-up with Dr. Han.

He said that my condition is very good and there was nothing to worry about.

Another advantage of Motiva implants is its nano-texture

which does not need to be massaged like smooth type implant

to prevent capsular contracture.


Day 10



Breasts become more tender, and the distance between the breasts gap became closer.

There is no pain at all, except sometimes there is little twinge pain in some part of the breast

and nipples that indicate that the nerves starting to return back normally.


Day 14



Finally I could sleep sideways left and right freely, without any pain at all.

Start using silicone gel for the scars I got from Banobagi clinic.


Day 15


I can do normal activities as usual, take the child to school by bicycle,

lifting some heavy groceries, without any problems or pressure at all in the chest.

Because of the implants located under the chest muscles, in the early days after the surgery,

I had a slight problem if I had to pushed the head of a hand soap bottle

or shampoo in order to use it so I was using my elbow to push instead.

But now I can push again using the palm of my hands with no problem, hehe .


Day 30



14 days after (left) : Breasts still looked perky and round , especially on side boobs.

30 days after (right) : Breasts start to settle down, feel more tender the gap is closer,

start to shape more like teardrop, natural breasts.



When standing, the breasts shape become more like natural breasts, tear-drop shaped.

Say yess to the side boobs !!^^


Early after surgery, the breasts looked tight, slightly hard and slightly shiny like a mannequin doll,

and the top of the breast looks fuller than the under pole, but after 1 month passed,

the shape of the breast begins to fall so it looks more natural and softer and not shiny anymore.

Even though it's only been 1 month, my breasts look and feel more like natural breasts already !

I am so excited to see how the next months progress will be!^^


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