JY’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Wannabe’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Double jaw + Profile surgery)



Before I share my story, here is photo taken before the surgery!



I had slight jutting chin with long face

And my nose was also blunt T.T

To find confidence of my appearance, I decided to get plastic surgery!









About one week after surgery~

Still swelled, right?








From this time, I had to wear the face band.

The nurse at Banobagi clinic taught me nicely (:








I removed the stitches and also got deswelling massage at the clinic

on the 2nd week of surgery ~


I felt like it is healing faster~







I went for regular check-up 1 month after surgery.

Swelling subsided a lot, right?

I can open my mouth wide as this!!

I cannot eat much these days, so I want to eat lot of things!








I started for orthodontic treatment on lower teeth 2 months after surgery.

I heard it from people who have done wearing braces saying inner lips hurt because of the braces, but it wasn’t that hurting to me!








I still have the minor swelling after 3months,

Bu now I have more feminine appearance than before~

Which is pretty AMAZING~







After 4months, I can eat everything!

My boyfriend says I look more beautiful everyday~







When I meet people for the first time,

they consider my age about 3-4 years younger than my age!

I never thought of being younger image,,!








After 7 months, I got the surgery done to remove the fats on face.

Also I did forehead and nose surgery as profile surgery.

I didn’t like my flat nose and forehead..







1 week after profile surgery~

Almost no swelling after 1 week!

But my eyes have bruising.

I asked the surgeon, and was told that bruising will last for few weeks..

I get bruise very easily, that’s why I think,







2 months after profile surgery >_<

Forehead got volume and nose got higher!

I feel like this is my face!!!








I compared with identification photo of before and after surgery

My face now is so natural that I forget about how I looked before.

It is bit shocking to see myself before surgery;;

I had long face, but it is shorter and impression got softer.








It’s been 10 months since two jaw surgery, and 3 months since profile surgery.

I never had confidence on me due to my appearance,

But now, I get happy with selfies (:













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