Trini’s Motiva Breast Augmentation Final Review


Trini's Motiva Breast Augmentation Final Review





Hello everyone!



I’m back with something completely different this time. I haven’t mentioned it a lot before, but

I also did breast augmentation surgery with Banobagi, using Motiva implants! I honestly rank

it amongst the top 10 decisions in my life, and I love my results too much. I’ll show you why:









Yes, these are real! No photoshop :’) I used an app to take these because the lighting in the fitting room was super dark, but as far as I know there isn’t a filter to automatically make them bigger~~ Goodness, they look quite big in the photo T_T

And… That’s because they are big. The Victoria Secret store assistant was super helpful and said that because of my small frame, that’s why they look so big. Let me tell you my journey though~~

Before flying to Korea

I wanted to talk a bit about why I wanted to have this breast augmentation surgery done. To be completely honest, I had already fully made up my mind to have it done back in September 2016, even before I had my facial contouring surgery done. The reason I didn’t do it the first time I visited Seoul was because Dr. Barn recommended doing the surgeries separately.

I have always always wanted to have the surgery done, because I was tired of being mistaken for a very young girl. At 22 years old, it’s really too painful to be seen as underage. I want to be taken seriously, but because of my complete flat chest, I felt as if no one really saw me as a woman.

Let me show you… My flatness~




It’s a nice beach photo~ But underneath the bikini, is there anything? T_T





From the side, I have to admit that there was also nothing. Sometimes I wondered if I ever needed to wear a sports bra. I often went out without a bra and no one noticed. Really, it was an easier life back then but my self-esteem was at an all-time low.



It’s a little difficult to wear strapless tops because the top falls straight down. Maybe I should try wearing this again?? The results should be greatly different~

To conclude, I really felt like I would appreciate having breast augmentation. I already wanted to change quite a lot of my face, and the only left was my chest that I was unhappy with. I’ll show it to you, my road to self-satisfaction–







On the day I flew into Seoul, I immediately headed to Banobagi to have a consultation with Dr. Barn, the breast surgeon.






Picture taken from Banobagi website 🙂



Dr. Barn is one of the head surgeons, in charge of anti-ageing and breast augmentation. He is super experienced and has an amazing bedside manner. The first time I came to Seoul in December, he left a deep impression on me.



Dr. Barn said to me: “Next time you come, I’ll help you make beautiful breasts!”



Well then Dr. Barn, I’m counting on you~~ I was asked what cup size I want, and I said a C cup above would be fine. To be honest though, sometimes it’s difficult to tell from sight what’s a B/C cup, so I asked for him to err on the larger side.


He suggested the latest silicone implant– Motiva!




Look at this lady?! Seriously she looks amazing. She can take on the world with her boobs, my goodness. I had already researched Motiva implants beforehand- they come with a patented chip, and are proven to reduce the rate of capsular contracture.



BEST OF ALL: They don’t need to be massaged after the breast augmentation surgery~ There are also no stitches! = No stitch removal!



Of course I was in heaven. I went ahead and let Dr. Barn reassure me that he was going to do his very best to give me beautiful breasts :’)



Usually breast augmentation takes 1 week of recovery. I was only in Korea for 1 week, so we decided to have it done on the day of consultation! Is it rushed? For me, not really. I already had one consultation in December, so this was my second consultation. Also I had a really amazing surgery experience with Banobagi for my face, so I trust them with my life already T_T





Also, they’re bouncy like this. There’s an entire line-up of Motiva implants outside Dr. Barn’s office, so I squished them a lot while waiting for my pre-surgery consultation. They’re like very nice stress balls?!



Just to emphasise Banobagi’s extraordinary care for me– I mentioned that I ate some crackers in the morning on the plane, but since I was going to have general anaesthesia this would increase the risk of vomiting. It’s very important to always mention it– no one wants a vomiting patient in the middle of intense surgery.



Banobagi’s solution: they put me on IV antiemetics as a preventative measure. I was super super nervous before they suggested it, because I don’t want my life to be at risk (touch wood) because I ate 2 crackers on the plane ahaha. Luckily, they were very professional and immediately had a solution.



I would still advise people to avoid eating 12 hours before surgery though, and follow pre-op instructions given by your surgeon ~~ :’)



Stepping into the operating room again, that was the only time I was nervous. The operating room healthcare staff are genuinely SO nice and empathetic though! I really did need the reassurance, because the last time I woke up from GA, I was groggy and disoriented. I was slightly afraid~~



Really though, I counted back from 10 and by 6 my whole body had pins and needles, then I was out like a light.















Waking up from surgery








Yet another pic to remind people how much I love my results :’)



Let me be really honest- waking up from this surgery was a bit less pleasant than waking up from my facial contouring and rhinoplasty surgery. I felt this immense pressure on my chest, it wasn’t exactly painful but it left me a bit breathless. I can barely remember how I made it to the recovery floor, but honestly it was bearable.



That night of recovery, I just laid down in bed all night. No walking around for me~ The nurses came to give me IV painkillers and oral paracetamol as well. Little by little, the pressure seemed to subside. I was all bandaged up and I just felt like my chest was bloated and huge~~ I passed the night sleepily like this ^^













Discharge and Recovery



By morning, I had already gotten up and put on my clothes by myself. The discharge nurse came to help me cut off my bandages and teach me to clean my incision wounds with antiseptic~ It was super important to keep them dry, so I had my hair washed at a salon instead~



Apart from that, breast augmentation surgery was insanely easy to recover from. Seriously I went out after another day of resting. I had to protect my new boobs from anyone elbowing them though T_T I walked around like protectively cradling my chest, but seriously it was unnecessary!





Actually my shoulders are a bit lopsided in this pic, but my left big was definitely more swollen compared to my right boob for a long while. It has now been 5 months since the surgery, and they’re pretty even!


Actually, do you remember me praising Banobagi guest house’s reclining beds?










{From Day 1 post-op blog!}



I was absolutely loving it once again, because it was SO HARD to get up. To the point where I worried how I was going to sleep once I got home, because I was sleeping at almost 90 degrees up. I used to slide down during the night and it was super hard to get back up so in hindsight, that was a questionable idea.



The reason I had to sleep like almost sitting up for the first week was because I always felt the pressure of my new boobs. I think it was more unnerving than painful. Big boobed people, I feel your pain now…



When I got home, I slept against the wall using like 4 pillows to prop my head up and it was completely fine. I worried over nothing~ I could basically get up by myself after the 2nd week without pillows. After a month I just went back to normal daily life~













I also wanted to talk about the aftercare that Banobagi provided me because it was absolutely fantastic.







This is the NewGel line of silicone gel sheets and silicone gel tubes. Banobagi pharmacy sold them, and even sent them all packaged for me directly to the clinic. Silicone is absolutely fantastic for healing scars, so this was absolutely necessary~



Banobagi also gave me medication specifically to prevent capsular contracture. I can happily report that I don’t have any~



Actually I wanted to go one step further- I had my breasts checked by a specialist doctor in one of the top UK hospitals for cosmetic surgery, and he congratulated me and said that Dr. Barn had done a fantastic job on my breasts.



So it’s confirmed! Dr. Barn I can’t thank you enough!!! <3







My figure improved so much?! I was super shocked at how much breast augmentation could change the way clothes looked on me. Do I look 14 to you now?!







Even in sports bras they look great?! I’ve always admired the girls who can wear sports bras only and still look feminine. When I did that I just looked flat…




My first Victoria Secret trip~ The helpful assistant measured me at…






Really, I have the evidence. She wrote it down for me. I just kind of looked at her in shock, like seriously? I knew they were big but I’m a DD? The knowledge didn’t change my life or anything, since I was comfortable with the size of my new boobs.



… Actually for sports bras, I wear a 32C. For normal T-shirt bras though, I do wear 32DD. I did think that 32DD would be bigger though? It just goes to show that perception isn’t always right~








With clothes on~








Side view~

I received a message from a girl on Kaokao talk asking if I had side boob after breast augmentation surgery. The answer is: I have side boobs for daaaaays~ Really, there’s so much side boob. You can tell from this photo right~ I added my before photo for reference. Please look at the transformation from 0% side boob to 100% side boob <3

I’ll be completely honest– people do stare where I wear a tight crop top. I am petite and suddenly have a pair of 32DDs. Honestly, I do love my boobs and I can dress them both up and down~ If I want to go incognito, I just wear a baggy sweater.

Where is the fun in that though~






Tight crop top and t-shirt bra pictured :’)





I shudder to think what the results would be with a push-up bra, but I’ll definitely try it and let everyone know~



I hope you enjoyed the breast augmentation review. I really do recommend the Motiva implants because they look fantastic. None of my friends have called me out on having breast augmentation (the secret is out now~) and they noticed my rhinoplasty IMMEDIATELY.



I cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Barn and all the staff at Banobagi enough. They took care of me well and gave me porridge after I woke up~ T_T I was really touched. The consultation was carried out with empathy and expertise, the aftercare was really professionally handled. I was even sent a long list of instructions on taking care of my incision scar once I got back home.










I’m going to continue living well and enjoying my new womanly look.


I haven’t yet managed to buy a bikini or a push up bra in my new size yet, but rest assured that I will definitely keep everyone updated~ Thank you for reading my review!













Banobagi Official Website

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2017? 7? 4? ???

Trini's 5th month Plastic Surgery Review ! (Face contouring, Rhinoplasty)




Hi everyone~ This is my 5 months review! Time really passes quickly, and I feel like my features have changed as well. Dr. Oh warned me in March that because I still had swelling, my face would get slimmer. That was good news obviously, and now that it's 5 months after the initial surgery, I'll share some photos of my progress!




Confidently taking selfies before a ball~ I feel that getting ready for dinners and events now is so effortless compared to before. My new figure is vastly improved and anything I wear looks great. Didn't I only get facial contouring done? Well I'll reveal the secret in a detailed post very soon, so please watch out for it.





I developed a habit of tying my hair up this month, because it reveals my slimmer face! In the past, I rarely felt good about tying my hair up for sports or for school, so now I'm experimenting with different ways to style my hair. It feels really nice, and tying my hair up makes me look brighter!




I really love how my facial structure looks now after months of deswelling. I'm especially glad that I had rhinoplasty in addition to facial contouring, which has completely transformed my looks.




From my past photos until now, I've switched hairstyles twice already, and my clothing style has changed too. Going through this transformative process of surgery has really encouraged me to take care of myself more, and present a brighter image to others. Thank you Banobagi surgeons Dr. Oh, Dr. Lee and Dr. Barn for my transformation. The feeling of looking in the mirror first thing in the morning without makeup, and liking what I see, is priceless.




Enjoying taking selfies because my face is so much more symmetrical than before~ even though my hair is going wild in the wind… I receive a lot of attention from both my friends and strangers when I go out, and while it was strange to get used to at first, I feel like it's really boosted my confidence and I feel a lot happier speaking to other people.


The best thing about having had surgery at Banobagi is that people don't think that I have had a lot of surgery! I've bumped into old family friends and they say wow, you've grown so pretty! None of them know about my surgery and I don't think they could tell either. Everything has settled so beautifully and naturally, and I couldn't be happier.


The first thing I asked Dr. Oh and Dr. Lee was it was possible to make my results as natural as possible, as if I had been born with it. I really think that they exceeded all my expectations!




Different styles, from casual to smart! I can try out latest fashions without looking hilarious. I feel like it's easier to get people to listen to me, and my personality has become more relaxed as a result. I no longer have that anxiety of not being good enough. I never would have thought that after surgery, I would feel even more comfortable being myself.


A lot has changed these past 5 months, but I'm happy to say that I still absolutely love my results. I am glad that Banobagi took such good care of me and answered all my questions before my surgery and post-op as well. Even now, 5 months later, I feel completely free to send them questions or pictures and ask if they feel my recovery is going well.




For my results, I'm happy. I feel like the surgeries were absolutely necessary for the image I wanted, and if I had to do it all over again, I absolutely would!



I will be posting more photos and a very special review soon on what Dr. Barn from Banobagi did for me! Please look out for it~



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