Yuri’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Jeeny¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour + Eye + Nose revision + Forehead Fat graft)



Hello all, I¡¯m Jeeny who is reborn after plastic surgery at Banobagi clinic. I have done face contouring, double eyelid, nose revision, and fat grafting for forehead!



I was a bit nervous before the surgery, but the surgeons Dr. Oh, Dr. Kim, and nurses were kind and caring that I smiled to be in a sleep for surgery.



It was hard to breathe with nose, mouth is dried up, and couldn¡¯t lie down, 

but hoping to see changed appearance!


I live in Jeju island and after 3-4 days, the swelling subsided and face line was showing off.





5 days after the plastic surgery



Balloon forehead seems like it will pop, but I love it, and bigger eyes made by adjusted eyelid line make me smile, too.

My over all face line is now so smooth and round!







The splint on nose is removed and I had to wear ¡®the face band¡¯.

Whenever I tried the face band, I feel discomfort on chin area because of remaining stitches inside my mouth, but I got used to it.






I could only drink, not eat right after the surgery, but after one week. I had soup. I was losing weight but when I started to eat, I felt like I¡¯m gaining weight again, so I took a walk and exercised!!!






1 week after the plastic surgery



WOW !!!!

You can see the difference, right?

Look! I don¡¯t have that protruded cheekbone and jaw anymore!!

The changes are made day by day~~





2 weeks after the plastic surgery 



I have more swelling on right side than left side.

I know that all human body has asymmetry, and the surgeon already told me that swelling will subside differently each side.





1 month after the plastic surgery



I had soups only, and when I started to feel better, I tried soft foods. And I can put thumb inside my mouth after mouth opening practice!

I try to wear the face band 4 hours a day, but cannot do that every day. But whenever I started to wear it, I try to wear it for at least 30 minutes.


Before the surgery, I always had the bangs to cover my forehead, but on this day when I put my bangs up with hairpin, oh my god,, SO IMPRESSING!!  T.T

I won¡¯t make bangs anymore~~ ^_^






Now I put my hair up all the way!!!

People I know, my friends, and my sister said the sized of my head is not normal. I guess it means that it¡¯s small,,? Hehe






I still have the swelling, but even with swelling, I take selfies on bed~

Look at this two selfies on bed!! So different!!





2 months after the plastic surgery



Before the surgery, I hated taking photo like this, because all you can see on my face is protruded cheekbone and angled jaw line.

But after the surgery, my face look way smaller than before, which make me look taller, and neck longer with better ratio.


I feel like I reborn again to different person!!!





Before/ after No make-up



Upturned nose, angled jaw with protruded cheekbone, sharp eyes and covered forehead changed to, settled sharp nose, forehead with volume and round face with softer eyes!! 


After swelling subsidence, I love this forehead and front chin!!!

No need to use photoshop applications to hide my complex!  So HAPPY!!!





3 months after the plastic surgery 



This is the 3rd month after the surgery and major swellings subsided and minor swellings are slowly subsiding. And I started to exercise with dietary treatments, but it was necessary. I lost 2-3kgs easily!


Because I look at my face everyday, I can¡¯t see the difference day by day. But when I compare the photos about 1 week before and after, it looks different!


The people I meet now do not notice my plastic surgery history at all!!

They just say I look good, I look a bit different, but do not imagine the plastic surgery ^^



Now I got used to this after surgery appearance and forgot about the before surgery face,, you have to remind yourself..!!!!!!





Before/ after



With this comparison photo,, I love the face line now~~~





4 months after the plastic surgery 



 My nose looks better with my hair up. 

And people compliment me about my pretty nose, too ^^











I thought I had minor swellings under cheekbone, and cannot find it anymore. Is it because I lost weight? I cannot find anymore swelling on me !

I was told that swelling will subside until 6 months after the surgery, but I love my face now. Imagine prettier me after all the swelling subside!!! >_<






I went on a trip with friends and took a lot of photos!!!

Before the surgery, I hated when someone take photo of me, and I put my head down. But now, I just smile ~  Even with this big smile, I look good, and I know it!! ^^




5 months after the plastic surgery 




This is the day I went out!


I would love to take more selfies, but I¡¯m too shy..

The swelling has gone down, only a little left on right side!!





6 months after the plastic surgery



 The surgeon suggested me for Forehead fat grafting + Accusculpt.

After the Accusculpt, minor swellings on smileline is gone now, and forehead is more round~





6 days after the fat grafting and accusculpt



I only have little yellow bruises, but not that noticeable.


Now days, I love to meet people as my surgery result is settled on its place.

I think I would go out every day when the weather gets warmer~~






Selfie with pajama on~






I cut my hair!!

The purpose of this haircut was to make my defined face more noticeable!

And people around me compliment me for younger looking after haircut! ^^





Before/ 3 months after/ 6 months after



I cannot lie that nothing was painful or discomforting, but only stress I had was the swelling, and it is all gone now.


I don¡¯t have to remind myself how much prettier I became, because people around me remind me by complimenting my appearance.

I feel like I started a new life!

Thank you so much Banobagi! And I will live a happy like with beautiful face ^^ 



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