Almond’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Shonny’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Breast Augmentation Surgery)



I recently went for 6 months post-op regular check-up with Dr Barn.

All He asks was, ‘How do you feel?’

And I said ’I feel great, Doc!’

That was it. I LOVE MY BREAST NOW.


And Dr. Barn smiled with satisfaction of his job.

I have one more time to meet him after 1 year as post-op check.







This is my before BA photos take at the clinic..

My size was A. not full A, but small A..






This is taken at the clinic on 3rd month post-op.

I was still recovering at that time..





This is 4 days after the surgery.

Cohesive gel implant was just inserted on my breast 4 days ago.

And I was thinking, ‘was 275cc this small?’


And this breast became size 70C and 65D.. Wow.




There were some reviews like me,

saying their breast is smaller than they thought it would.. but

Woh, Relax,,,


You have some time to recover and you will be satisfied by the time

after 6 months or 1 year after surgery.



When implant settles inside body,

it gets softer and slights sags and makes natural volume.


I’m not kidding!!









Guess what this picture is..



I lovely sister wrap me to avoid wetting the incision area

and washed my hair for me T.T




To be honest with you,

I couldn’t sleep for about 10 days, and couldn’t laugh either.


This recovery differs by patients,

I heard that one of BA patient went back to work 4 days after surgery..


Amazing, eh?






Here are some recent photos.







I cannot wait until summer!



I chose 275 cc size cohesive gel implant and incision area was armpit.

My current size is 70C.

Before surgery, 70A was big that I had to put pad on.




I regretted for about 1 week after surgery because it was so painful,

but after then, I never regretted.


I was fully satisfied with the result, I’m serious.





Now, I am 100% satisfied with the result.


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