Beauty Girl’s Plastic Surgery Real Review




I would like to share my review of plastic surgery

I get surprised of my appearance everytime I look at myself..>_< 





 Right before the surgery



My last photo taken before the surgery.




 3 days after the surgery


When I first woke up, the nurse told me to take deep breath, so I did. 

And was moved to recovery room, then I sat and rest.

When I was discharged, I rest so well at home that swelling has subsided pretty much. I wanted to change clothes, but was too careful and gave up. 




7 days after the surgery



I went to the clinic for a check-up and post-care treatments for swelling subsidence.

Then the splint on nose bridge was taken off, and stitches on nose, 

and cheekbone was removed.

I got home with face band and started to wear them as nurse¡¯s instruction.

I do cold massage in the morning time because the swelling is worst in the morning time.  



Never thought of tying my hair up before the surgery, but look at me now! Wow!

With changed faceline, I could try different hair style and I still look good ! I couldn¡¯t put down the mirror these days~



I only drank and swallowed the food, but tried to chew bread and fruits, and here I am with swelling again.. But felling happy with full stomach, hehe


The photo without the photoshops! I love my nose..


It may still look a bit awkward with swelling on cheek area, 

but happy to see the improvements everyday^^ I was ugly back then, and never wanted to look in the mirror, but now days, I have mirror on my hand all the time. Hehe



Look at my Nose bridge line from the front and side view ~ 

from any angle, it looks fantastic!



I can¡¯t wait to see me after one month! I will look better than now, right? ^^ 

I want to be confident about myself with my new look! 





  1 month after the surgery


It¡¯s been one month already. There is still yellow bruise under my eyes, but it can be covered with BB cream. I wear faceband at least once a day. 



I went to the clinic for a regular check-up.

I want to go meet the surgeons and nurses to show my current condition. 

I became pretty because of them!! 

So Happy ! 



My face contouring is getting smoother and I feel more confident about myself.

As I get prettier, I can feel that people treat me differently. 

Men ask for my number on the street!



I also got a job at the first interview I went. 

The interviewer complemented me for my good impression.

Everything goes so well after the surgery! 



This is my selfie without make-up. Can you notice my chubby cheek? 

My friends say I look cute with little swelling^^

But I massage everyday with warm towel for swelling subsidence for V- line! 



I practice mouth opening these days, but it¡¯s not going so well.. I can only put one thumb in the mouth. I should practice more so I can fully open my mouth again



What I learnt after surgery is that ¡®You have to be Pretty.¡±


I thank myself for making decision for the surgery, 

and also thank the surgeons for making me naturally pretty. 


2 months after the surgery



Every morning, I take selfies when I arrive in the office for work. 

It¡¯s like a daily routine now^^

This photo is taken by my friend.. she said my profile was so good. 

I love my nose shape especially from the side view.


I accidentally bump into thing few times, not so hard, but it was worrisome. 

But it is okay like nothing ever happened!  Thank God !! 



I took the selfie under bright morning light~

I don¡¯t want to, but when I compare the photo taken before the surgery, it is sooooo different. I had to take hundreds of selfies to get the best angled photo, but now, I just take it from any angle and I look good ^^


I met my friend and they told me they couldn¡¯t notice that I got the surgery done because I look so natural. I think I worried too much that everyone will notice my plastic surgery after.




Came back home from work.. The first thing I do is cleanse my face

I care more and more about beauty, like skin care to have smoother and bright skin.





 3 months after the surgery



Wow! It¡¯s been 3 months already! 

I went for a check-up with the surgeons and was told my recovery is fast.

As the time passes after surgery, I hear a lot of people saying I look younger than my age. My boss even said he sometimes think that he hired a high school girl~ haha 



I did not practice much, but this is how much I can open my mouth now. Two fingers~ 





The photo on the left is right after taking shower in the morning. 

I don¡¯t wear faceband often anymore, but whenever I feel a bit of pain, faceband relieves the pain with tightened feeling. I wear it maybe 2-3 times a month now. 


4 months after the surgery 



Time flies~ Fall breeze feels good these days. I got laser lifting with fat extraction on this month. The surgery was done so quickly and I slept about 3 hours after the recovery.

I took the photo when I got home, and swelling wasn¡¯t that severe. But I felt a little pain when I touch the area, because it was surgery done, of course. The pain was nothing for tightened face ! 



Here are some photos after laser lifting with lipo. I still have some swelling on cheek area, and feel the pain when I tough it. I don¡¯t like waiting for swelling to subside, but I have to be patient as surgeons instructed.



The stitches were removed 5 days after the surgery. The nurses told me I had t wait to see the effect,.. Now I have no problem doing everyday activities. 




5 months after the surgery 



The full length photograph makes me look like I have very small face~ 

some envy me saying I have small face like a doll! >_< 



It¡¯s been almost 6 weeks after liposuction on cheek area and still feel hardened tissue on the area. It was my first time for liposuction so I called to ask about it. The nurse told me it is normal that I feel the hard tissue which will go away as time passes. It gets softer and the effect will show soon.


I wore formal wear for a company banquet, and it looked good. You know, Koreans say ¡®Face completes the Fashion¡¯ as a joke, but it is true..

I take selfies whenever and wherever I go. ^^

And I like every each one of them!!!! 


This is taken when I was lying down, and look at my nose,, so defined, and faceline is so naturally done.. Amazing.. 


 6 months after the surgery





Can you see the difference?

I look way better than before! 


As I think over the past, a lot of things had happened. 

Everything went well after surgery. I know it is self satisfaction, 

and I am really happy about the result.


Thank you all for reading my review~

Let¡¯s all become beautiful!! ^^







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