Bigman’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Bigman¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contouring + Rhinoplasty + Double Eyelid Surgery)



The Plastic surgeries I have done at Banobagi are 

Face contouring, Eyes, and nose surgery.


For face contouring, Square jaw, Cheekbone, and Front chin is reduced, 

Non-incision method with ptosis correction for eyes and lateralcanthoplasty with 

rhinoplasty for implant insertion and alar reduction.





 This is me before the surgery. I had long face and developed face contours.


So my appearance is very strong and older than my age.  

This caused low-self-esteem..

I cared too much on face, and lost confident about myself..

After long consideration, I decided for surgery at  







1 week after surgery 



Some swellings subsided already..

It subsided more than the day before, so I feel better ,,







Before/ 4 weeks after surgery



I think It hasn¡¯t been long since my plastic surgery, but it¡¯s been 4 weeks already! 

Amazing to see my swelling subsidence!

My expressions are more natural than before, as you can see~

I can eat better, so I eat a lot these days.







8 weeks after surgery



I had no difficulties about this time because all my swelling subsided!!~~







2 months after surgery



I work well, and go out well ~

And I never wore the caps like this before, but I wear them all the time these days~

So I buy different caps~


I am glad that I got the surgery done even now.


I would regretted if I was still considering to get the surgery done with my before face~







20 weeks after surgery



I was on my way to work in the morning at the subway station and took this selfie.

I don¡¯t care about what others think or stare at me, but it was a bit embarrassing.. haha


I do often see the photos of myself before and after for comparison,,

I truly, and sincerely thank for everything..


SSOOO glad that surgery went well ~

I thank the surgeons!!





Before/ 6 months after surgery



WOW,, is all I can say when I compare my photos~

You will feel the same way, right?


As you guys can see me, it is possible for you guys too!



I hope you can challenge to have best result than anyone!

Keep it up and stay healthy everyone!!



I am fully satisfied about my surgery result,

And all the stress and discouragement is gone!!


I did go for follow up and treatments with the surgeon regularly to check my condition ^^



I thank Banobagi surgeons and staffs for everything! ^^






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