Binny’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


I have done Face contouring, nose revision and Lateralcanthoplasty for eyes 

at Banobagi Clinic, and living happy life these days~*


Before and After 


As I was employed, I had to meet many other people for work and I felt self- conscience of my appearance due to my big face and nose I have done some time ago which brought dissatisfying result.


Since I¡¯m woman who wishes to be loved with beautiful face, I decided to get the surgery done at Banobagi plastic surgery clinic. I have visited several clinics for consultation and chose Banobagi clinic because of the surgeon, who aims for natural beauty for individuals, not typical ¡®Gangnam Beauty¡¯ style.


Here is my before photo taken to remember myself which is now so embarrassing.. hehe



I had flat, wide face and had square jaw from the side view. 

In the photo, that was me with nose job done, but no one notice it.. T.T




7 days after the surgery 


The surgery for my square jaw, cheekbone, nose and eyes were done. I was suggested above procedure to achieve softer image than before. I got nervous so much before the surgery, but endure for beauty after surgery.

The surgeons and nurses were so supportive to check my condition which made me feel caring, not alone.


The splint on nose was taken off 1 week after and swelling was subsiding than first few days after the surgery. I¡¯m being patient to recover by wearing face bands and doing hot towel massage~~





3 weeks after the surgery


It¡¯s been already 3 weeks after the surgery and most of the swelling is gone now especially at night time~ it looks like I have candy in my mouth, but when I met the surgeon for check-up, he explained that swelling will subside more after 1 month. 

So I¡¯m waiting for time to fly ~~ 



1 month after the surgery


I was happy to eat basically anything now~ so happy!! 

But of course, for no more swelling, you do need to careful to avoid salty or spicy food. When I meet my friends, I like to hear them saying my face got smaller and I got prettier ^______________^

I was also impressed by natural work done by Banobagi surgeon ^^


3 months after the surgery


I still feel a bit of swelling on cheek area, but compare to face right after the surgery, it changed a lot!! I¡¯m also happy with my nose and eye being settled~ 

Before the surgery, I always had to wear the make-up to had my slanted eyes and make my eye bigger, but it is not necessary these days~~~


I will work out to lose weight from the second month and become prettier~ hehe


4 months after the surgery


When I take the photo these days, I can see that my face is now egg shaped. 

This is one of the best photo I have, and it seems like I don¡¯t have swelling anymore~ my jaw lines are more defined, and smooth that I don¡¯t remember my before^^




Here is the comparison of me before and after the surgery!! You can clearly see the smoothen jaw line, slimmer nose, and softer eye shape~~~

I don¡¯t feel any discomfort from surgery anymore, and no stress occurrence due to my appearance!!! I enjoy when I work and meet people now~~



5 months after the surgery


I work out a lot, and take selfies a lot ~~ hehe 

As time passes I feel like minor swellings are still subsiding and recovering well 

cuz I worked out and took nutrients.




6 months after the surgery


This is me after 6 months~ I don¡¯t feel like it looks awkward after surgery, 

but it looks so natural ~~ taking selfie is one of my must do things everyday^^


This is me after Accu lifting done at Banobagi~~ 

you can see that my jaw lines are more tightened and lifted!





I often forget that I got the surgery done, and it is so natural that people don¡¯t really notices it but telling me that I got prettier~~ kekeke


I worried and concerned before the surgery, but precise and accurate trustworthy surgeons relieved me and made the best result for my face, nose, and eyes. 



This is my final before and after photo sharing ~^^


After the surgery at Banbagi, I found confidence for myself and love myself day by day~ I thank kind and caring surgeons and staffs at Banobag~!!!



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