Chrissy’s Real Review of Plastic Sugery



Well, finally it's been 3 months since surgery at Banobagi clinic!



I was able to open my mouth very wide already,

so I decided to go to the dentist for routine checks.

During the examination, there is no problem in opening the mouth even in a long time!




My nose is more settle day by day and feel so natural and softer,

I feel like I was born with this pretty nose already!^^





Well, to compare with my old pictures, I feel a little shy, but see..

how it is difficult to got a good angle

because of prominent cheek and low bridge nose..^^;



Many of my friends said that they envy with the size

and the shape of my small, oval face.


It still looks a bit swollen at the bottom of the cheeks,

but there are still 3 more months for the final result,

so I will be patient to wait and must maintain my body weight for maximum results.



Left to Right : Before – 10 days post op – 90 days post op


There is no other word that could describe besides I am very happy

and satisfied with the results of this facial contour surgery.



Many people say that facial contour surgery is very dangerous and painful,

but Dr. Oh from Banobagi clinic is an expert plastic surgeon

on facial contour surgery and is very famous for his  good reputation,

made me felt safe and not worried at all.


Although it is painful, is it still worth to do it it?

Well, for people who is concerning their face shape, asymmetric face,

or tilted chin like I was , absolutely yes! Because the result is very satisfactory.



I really like the shape of my face now.

I have never had any idea that smoother face line

could make my face became more feminine and made me look younger

since I thought my face was already small.

I am very glad that I decided to do facial contour surgery.


The pain and discomfort in the jaw after surgery only lasts for a few days,

but the sense of awe and satisfaction with the perfect facial shape

will definitely stay longer if not forever ^^.


There will be my new experience at Banobagi clinic in the next post

I'd like to share with you guys! 

See you~





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