Dami’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Chic Rabbit¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contouring surgery)



Hello all, I am Chic Rabbit ~

It¡¯s been already 26 weeks passed from my surgery day!!


I was discouraged about my appearance because of my wide face.

As everyone has dissatisfaction of their appearance, 

this made my decision to get the surgery done.


You know, you live one life as woman and 

I wanted to have better and prettier face to live rest of my life.


So I visited Banobagi after long consideration!!


Numerous experience, great facility, and caring staffs~!

Everything was great for me.







Here is my before surgery photo.


I have WIDE space on face.. yes I do.. T.T


I consulted with face contouring surgeon and decided to get face contouring surgery done.

Before the surgery, I could never go out with my hair up¡¦ never.


Even on hot summer day, even if I sweat enough for hair to stick on my neck, I never wanted to open my angled and wide face line.. T.T




When I tie my hair up¡¦¡¦.



I look like I bear one or two children already,, 

and I don¡¯t look good on skirts which I love to wear.. T.T






My face line changed like This!!



Even without make-up, I look young!!


Everything is new every day after surgery.

Different look made me found my confident,

I tie my hair up when it get little hotter~


I sometimes grab my jaw area and surprised of the new feeling without angles jaw.. hehe







I never thought it would look good on me,


But now,

I love myself more than anything.


Mentally, I became more positive person, and manage myself better than before.







I did some nail art by myself at home.

And I iron my hair by myself~






My face look so small and different~!!


The selfies look better everyday~^^





And this is art nail and pedicures with banana images. Is it good? ^^




 This is recent me living in happiness^^

And here is over all review for my surgery.








1 week after the surgery, I didn¡¯t have much pain, 

but I had nose bleeds which made me use all my tissues¡¦. Hehe






2 weeks after, swelling subsided a lot, and I started to wear face band.

And nose bleeding stopped. 






6 weeks after, no one notice my surgery when I go outside with make-up on.






8 weeks after, major swelling subsided all.


Can you see my face line?

AMAZING Amazing!! 



Wow,, 12 weeks after..

Perfect profile!! 



And then I decided for Accusulpting, 

this is few days after Accusculpting procedure.







20 weeks after,  my face line is more adjusted, and I have V-Line !!






I feel more confident even without make-ups!!

Wide and old image to refine and younger face !!





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