Daong’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Eddie’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Whole body Liposuction Surgery)





This is my REAL before and After surgery photo of abdomen!



I’d like to share my whole body liposuction review!

I’ve done liposuction at Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic finally succeeded on diet!






This is my REAL before and After surgery photo !



This is just a start,,,,!


Endless diet, endless yoyo syndrome frustrated me for long time..

So I finally decided to get liposuction done to boost up my diet and succeed this time!!

This is my last chance!







This is before the surgery.



Oh mymy,, I cannot believe I lived with that body..







Here, 3 days after Liposuction surgery!



I still have swellings of course,,,

Body full of water.. I will leak off soon, and I will be lighter !!







3 days after/ 10 days after!



Comparing the photos, I can realize the change after 10 days.

My abdomen lost lot of fats!


The weight did not change because of swelling, but I did lost 2 kg so far~

I keep on my diet! And Exercise!!






26 days after liposuction Surgery!




Wow,, I have waist line!!!!! @.@

And abdomen is much slimmer than before!






40 days after surgery!



91kg -> 83kg

I LOST 8kg!!!!!!


My goal is to lose 15kg by 3rd month after liposuction surgery!







55 days after surgery!



Oh my god!

My compression garment is loose now!!

So I sent it to repair shop! YAY!

I hoping to lose more weight!!







72 days after liposuction!



I’ve been exercising like crazy!!

I don’t have saggy skins because I worked out like CRAZY!!! (:







82 days after Liposuction !



I did not realize how much I lost weight,,

But my thigh got a lot slimmer than before!!

I work out a lot, REALLY a lot!!






114 days after surgery



Woh,, Blue blouse could not be closed before…

But it can be closed now!!!!




I try t focus exercise of muscle when I work out.

I won’t be discouraged!!


I ride bicycles and sweat out so much these days.

It is hard and tiring, of course. But as I see myself changing,

I cannot stop!

So proud of myself!!







5 months after Liposuction surgery!



Finally changed to S line Body shape!!


I sincerely thank Dr. Barn for fantastic job he has done for me

And Banobagi staffs for amazing result!!


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