Doa’s Plastic Surgery Real Review.


Hello~ It’s DOA. 

It has been half of a year since I have got the surgery!

Let me tell you about the long journey of my beauty life!

I got stressed because of my long and narrow face since I was young

Because of the facial shape, I heard from a lot of people calling me a cucumber, and the word ‘cucumber-shaped face’ hurts my heart ☹.

Maybe that’s why friends with particularly short chins looked pretty in my eyes.



The tip of my chin was asymmetrical, so I was stressed when taking photos.

I always corrected using a photo application, but I was already excited because I thought I wouldn’t have to do that after the surgery.


This is a picture right after the surgery. I was hospitalized for one day.

There was no pain except for the ache in my neck that I had to wake up every 30 minutes since my respiratory system was dry. The next day, the drainage that was fixed in my mouth was removed.

On the third day after the surgery, my face was swollen at the most.


The one I put under my chin is the ice pack. I put it hard hoping that the swelling would go down.

On the third day after the surgery, I visited Banobagi again for the first check up.

On the 4th day, I was able to take a shower.

On a week after the surgery, I sent my photo to one of my friend, but she said she couldn’t recognize any swellings!


There are the pictures taken two weeks after the surgery, people didn’t know even I had the surgery.

My friends also asked me how could I avoid swellings!



Three weeks have passed after the surgery and I finally got the stitches removed.

Now I finished eating porridge or soft food and started to eat normal food!

After visiting banobagi for second check up, I also did mouth exercise as staffs taught.

I relaxed my jaw muscles with the warm pack and opened my mouth as much as possible for 20 seconds. I did this 20 times each morning and evening.


One month has passed since the surgery.

The tip of the chin has been shortened, so it definitely feels like I look younger.

The doctor explained about the golden ratio (1:1:0.8~0.9) of the face before surgery, and my face is exactly in that ratio now!

Everyone I met says I am getting prettier asking what I’ve done to my face.

It seems that the image changes greatly just by changing the facial proportions without the surgery of eyes and nose.



3 months have passed since I have taken the surgery.

If you look at my side part of face, you guys could recognize that the jawlines are being defined, right?





5 months have passed after the operation.

This photo shows the most realistic shape of my face. Compared to the previous one, I do look younger and prettier!


If you look at my profile, you could see that the swellings have gone down and the jawlines have become slimmer!


I also got photoshoots at the studio!


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