DongDong’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Hanbyul¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review

(Face contour+ Nose + Forehead)



I have done the face contouring surgery and also rhinoplasty at Banobagi clinic.

Here, I would like to share my real diary from the beginning to the end!





 4 days after/ 7 days after the plastic surgery





I has swelling all over my body even inside my throat.


Because I couldn¡¯t breathe with my nose, 

I had to breathe with my mouth and t was very difficult..


Left is 4 days after the surgery and right is 7 days after the surgery.


About 7 days after the face contouring surgery, 

you are be able to go out and meet friends, and take a walk! 



3 weeks after the plastic surgery




From 2 weeks after the surgery, 

I was able to eat soup, eggs, tofu and mashed potatoes which are very soft to chew.


I did not lie on my back all the way down, but about 45 degrees up for fast swelling subsidence. Doing everyday activity is not a problem after 2 weeks!


And 3 weeks after the surgery ~!~!~!


The swelling is subsiding really fast now!

Whenever I take the photos, I look different!


My cousin works at skin-care treatment center, and she helped me a lot, too!


I could eat noodles, and soft foods now~!!



When you take a look at my before photo, 

I had slight protruded mouth, but with face contouring, nose and forehead surgery, 

it made volume on my face which enhanced to avoid my protruded mouth >_<










I tried to put the make-up on to meet my friends~


I compared the photo before when I had protruded eyes and asymmetric faceline,,!


It is sooooo different now!!!


Nose and forehead is settled to their place so well, 

and I was informed that face contour could not perfectly improve my asymmetric face, 

but the result is so much satisfying!!!!


I¡¯m currently wearing braces for teeth correction and I still look this good¡¦ AMAZING.







 1 month after plastic surgery





1 month and 2 weeks has passed~!


I sleep however I want now, and do the hot towel massage every often. 

And when I wear the makeup like this, no one notice my swelling~~>_<


My mouth cannot be opened fully to have sushi¡¦.


But these days, people said I look like a doll¡¦¡¦ hehe



2 months after plastic surgery 



Like everyone who got surgery done, I just love to take selfies.  


Still, I have some swelling left when I see myself on the right side, but only I can notice, 

so taking selfie was not a problem~~ 






People around me were saying I look the same as before, 

so I compared with before photo. 


I DID change!


There was no nose bridge before!! And as you can see, all the photos taken back then, 

I had to cover my jawline with hair down.


I didn¡¯t have glorious appearance, but cute. Nowdays, I look more feminine^^


3 months after plastic surgery




I cannot really find my scar, can you??


My hair is growing again on forehead incision area. After 3 months, 

the sensation of forehead is back about 80%. 

I should wait a little longer~ 







 4 months after plastic surgery/ 

additional surgery for Accusaculpt + fat grafting under eyes




I did worry about the swelling I had after second surgery, 

but after about a week, the swelling subsided as much as photo on the right side~







A week after then, I took the photos as model of my school! 


Before/ After the plastic surgery




My face line is well settled now. 

I dyed my hair black to take the photo to work as intern and also for job interviews~






 6 months after the surgery




It¡¯s been already 6 months after my first plastic surgery.


All the swelling subsided, and sensation is back to normal.

A lot of thing changed past 6 months~


I heard people saying I look better without makeup~ 

no need for photoshop after taking any photos~~ 





 Before the plastic surgery 



Wow, I did change so much, right? 








I think for the surgeons who has done the safe and satisfying surgery for me! 







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