Dotori’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Jam¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contouring + Rhinoplasty)


Hello all, I¡¯m Jams^^

I have done face contouring with rhinoplasty and spending days happily 

with good looking face ^^


Before the surgery 



AS you can see, I had angled face with flat nose!

Let¡¯s find out more about my real diary of plastic surgery!


I was under general anesthesia

And most difficult time I can say was when I was in the recovery room after surgery





3 days after surgery



I am swelled, right?

I took antibiotics regularly and ice-pack massages

I used my own ear cartilage, so I did dressing for ears, too





8 days after surgery



I went to the clinic for check-up with the surgeon

For treatment, dressing and stitch removal was done, splint was taken off, and I also got injection for swelling subsidence





2 weeks after surgery



The nose bridge looks too high to me, and that makes my eyes look closer

But I enjoy to see the swelling subsidence day by day~





16 days after surgery




There is real difference! Can you notice?

I removed the stitches inside the nose and mouth

I can now eat soft foods, so I had spaghetti!





4 weeks after surgery!!!!!



Look at my nose bridge!!

I look dull due to flat nose before, but I love it now!

Especially sharp jaw line!





I had some numbness right after the surgery and as swelling subsides, 

sensation comes back to normal.

I have no problem now! 

For people who worry about numbness after surgery, Don¡¯t!!




5 weeks after surgery



I am glad that I chose to get the surgery done.

My face was flat before, but it is more 3 dimensional now

As face line get slimmer, I have softer image than before with smaller face.













9 weeks after surgery!!!



I have no swelling as you cannot find it. Time passed so fast, 

that I don¡¯t remember my surgery history^^


As I am more confident about myself, 

I tried different hair style I wished to do before the surgery




 13 weeks after surgery



I often wear cap which fit me now than before the surgery

I enjoy taking photos these days and it is so mu fun!

As thing that discourage me disappears, I became more positive and active person!!

I feel like I am born again!





3 months after surgery



I went to the clinic for regular check-up!

And I got liposuction done on face for slimmer face

This is me 1 week after liposuction on face

I hav a bit of swelling on cheek area, but it willsubside!!





22 weeks after surgery



The swelling from liposuction is gone down already~

I have slimmer jaw line now

It is my face, but I look more classy than before!

My score for satisfaction after surgery is 100!!!





Before/ After



The recovery time for face contouring is longer than other plastic surgeries 

with some more pain


But if that is what you concern, I suggest you to get the surgery done!


As I mentioned previously, it changed my life!

I am more positive person with confidence!






Here is my last after surgery selfie and I thank Banobagi clinic for everything!!





Before / After








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