Elga’s Plastic Surgery Real Review.


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ELGA’s Plastic Surgery Real Review.

(AZG+Upper facelift+Lower facelift)



Hi, guys~ It’s Elga.

I just finished the long, long journey from my beauty trip.

It has been almost a year after the surgery at banobagi!



I have some concerns about my square jawline and droopy forehead line.
I wanted V-line and to look slimmer, sharper, and more defined.
I decided to go banobagi clinic where is also famous in my country for plastic surgery.
I heard that many people who have undergone surgeries at banobagi are very satisfied with not only the results but also the services they were offered.
That makes me trust a lot in banobagi.



This is the first, second, and third day after the surgery. You could find that my eyes are still very swollen and have difficulty opening them.
The doctor took the bleeding tubes out of my mouth. My face still hurts a lot at that moment and I took painkillers.

Right after the surgery, I was discharged from the hospital and went home. But as you see the photo took the third day after surgery, I could already open my eyes quite wide.
I removed the bandage and was able to wash my hair. Yellow bruises appeared on the eyes which is the healing sign. I could see a little V-line.
I took painkillers only at bedtime, because the pain began to subside.



1 week after surgery, yellow bruises under the eyes are almost gone, but the eyes are still a little swollen.
Sensitivity is slowly returning. I put some makeup on my eyes. I've started chewing soft foods a little.



It's been 2 weeks since the surgery. It's much easier for me to eat now. Today I went to the hospital to have the stitches removed. 
I feel good and nothing hurts.
I can finally sing karaoke in peace. Edema almost does not interfere with eating and singing, which makes me happy.



Finally, 1 month has passed after the surgery! I was surprised that the chin line is already clearly visible!
All my friends say that I began to look even younger. Someone told me again that my face has decreased and looks very beautiful.
The edema still remains, but it no longer bothers me.
The sensitivity of the skin of the face has completely returned. The face began to look even younger than before.



3months after the operation. everything looks very natural. Swelling is almost imperceptible. I can open my mouth quite wide. there is no pain sensation.



After getting plastic surgery, I gained confidence in my face and was able to take a step closer to my dream of becoming a model. In fact, I am actively building my career as a model.




You can find a big change between my photos! This is why I highly recommend banobagi!





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