Ena’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Narae¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour + Eyes + Nose surgery)



Hello all! My name is Narae!!


Here we go with my real story of Plastic surgery for Face contouring, eyes and nose!




Before the surgery, I had small eyes and big nose and face.

I was self-discouraged and stressed about my dull face since young.




That¡¯s I why I did my make-up so thick like the photo, but after some time, I got tired of doing make-up for covering my complex. That¡¯s when I decided to get the surgery done.


First, from my point of view, I think overall balance and harmony of the face is very important. So I had complex for eyes and nose, but decided to get the surgery done for face contour. I first met the surgeon and he worried about overall fats and tissues on face. But gladly there was not much on upper eye area.

The suggestion for eyelid surgery was Non-incision method double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction, and epicanthoplasty with lateral canthoplasty to widen the length of my eyes.

For nose, there are much tissues indie which makes my nose big, so tissues and fats inside will be removed, remaining nose cartilage will be corrected, with hump enhancement!^^




I came to recovery room after surgery and was conscience to exhale the anesthesia gas for prompt recovery.

I wasn¡¯t aware of swelling, but wow,, I swelled too much..

The swelling differs by patients¡¯ usual lifestyle in use of muscle.

Then I came home the day after the surgery.





4 days after the plastic surgery

My skin and hair is so messy because I couldn¡¯t wash myself. But swelling has gone down a bit.



I was able to wash my hair 5 days after the surgery, so I went to the hair salon to wash my hair and took a photo to compare the difference before and after the surgery.



There is still swelling, but my chin got shorter, cheekbone line got smoother.

And can you notice the curved eyebrow line on before photo, but straight line on after photo? It is because I had weak eye opening muscle which has been corrected.

The swelling is slowly subsiding~~ 




Today is the day to remove the stitches. T.T

I thought this day will never come. I was dying to wash up!

You can still see the swelling on nose, cheek, neck, and on upper lips area, right? But it looks a lot more natural~

I love the cheekbone part where it has been reduced drastically, but smoothly!

And front chin is shortened, too! I don¡¯t know if I should say this, but my bones look pretty¡¦ hahaha



It is so boring to staying home all day, so I take a walk sometime. I do make-ups on eyebrows and BB cream, but cannot started on eye make-up..

I rub gently when I wash my face, too~

I can see the difference in swelling before and after I take a walk.





Here is before photo¡¦

Wow, I forgot about that past.. 






I still have the swelling, but adjusted face line + naturally done eyes + higher nose tip. My face got shortened and smaller. I don¡¯t have to photoshop my selfies anymore. 






I wore face band longer than usual on the day of visit to the clinic for check-up. I know I have to wear them regularly, but I keep forget to wear them for certain amount of time. I feel the difference after wearing the face band, I know.






I removed the stitches at the clinic but still have the swelling in the morning time.

I have swelling one day, but no swelling on the other day. I don¡¯t feel pain anymore, now I should do something to handle this swelling..


As I feel more confident about myself, I go out more than before. But one thing I have to be careful is to gargle after having anything to avoid inflammation.

I never wore the cap because it never looked good on me, but as my face got smaller, I think I look good on caps! 





Look at my AMAZING profile !!!

Oh my god this is one of the best photo I took!!

You can¡¯t even see droopy nose, but high enough and slim nose with slimmer jaw line!!!







I look more natural in the night time than morning time.

The swelling subsides during day time that¡¯s why.






My sister bought the flower chaplet for me from Japan!!


I would never try this colorful chaplet before the surgery because it would make may face look a lot more bigger,, but now I think I can try all different kinds of accessories~ my style actually changed!

As my face become more feminine, I find style to be more feminine now. 








How does my side view look? Isn¡¯t it looking good?^^





Scar on the sideburn from cheekbone reduction is not visible anymore. Little bump was made at first, but it is gone now.

Everything is getting better!!





I visited Japan!!

I tried Kimono, the traditional Japanese clothing, and foreigners came to me asking to take photos with them!

So as different me, I took many photos with confidence.





I went for a check-up for 1 month after the surgery and came home.

The bones are well healed and face line looks good.





I practiced the mouth opening when I came home. I met one of my junior in school and she said my face looks sooooooo small. I still have some buccal fats, but I guess it still looks smaller than before ~





I practice to exercise my face muscle relief!!

I barely got started mouth opening so I can only open my mouth about two fingers in, but I can eat anything!! 


 I like this photo with smile~

I like to take photo with smile, but my mouth looked awkward. Now I take it whenever I take the selfies~

When from far away, the face structure looks different!! 






I don¡¯t have to wear the make-ups in the morning time, which means I have more time for me! I can¡¯t put 3 fingers in my mouth, but 2 fingers in with no problem eating anything!! 





My hair looks long because of the angle, and I uploaded this photo on the SNS. People messaged me where I got the hair extension done, and I look good on it!

This is my first time hearing compliment about my hair!

I always wore smoky makeup on eyes with short hair!

I should buy the fast shampoo or something!!







I took this selfie at home. I was feeling cold and put on towel and it looked cute! >_<

I had strong image before the surgery, but now it is more soft than strong~






As time passes, it is already 3 months after the surgery and I can put 3 fingers in the mouth!! YAY!!

Something I cannot eat.. hmm a cube of ice?

I can eat jelly, squid, and hamburgers, but you do have to be careful~



I didn¡¯t have chance to go to beach this year, so I went to the beach and had roasted seashell~

Don¡¯t I look good from the side view??


I always had to photoshop my side view for jaw line and stuffs, but not anymore~~




Now I try to take selfies in different angles~ 





My friends would laugh at this kind of selfies, but I like that profile with jaw line and nose!

I guess some fats on neck area should be removed and I will achieve the best profile!






My friends would laugh at this kind of selfies, but I like that profile with jaw line and nose!

I guess some fats on neck area should be removed and I will achieve the best profile!






Selfie with pajama on ~

I take selfies whenever I come home before I erase my make-ups;;^^






 After Accusculpt lifting, I think my face looks slimmer ~

People think that I lost weight when I actually shaved the bone and it wasn¡¯t fat^^;;






I¡¯ve been busy over these months but as weather gets colder, I should stay home and try to workout at fitness. 







Work out, grow hair, new challenges!!

I already got used to my new look, but I will be prettier!!! 






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