Eve’s Plastic Surgery Real Review.


Hello, I'm Eve!

I've got breast augmentation at banobagi and I would like to share my experience with you guys~


I have three children and all of them had breastfeeding.

The breast size became smaller than before, but the part that made me more stressed was the shape; shrunken and droopy breast.



It was my first time getting plastic surgery, so I was very scared and worried when I entered the counseling room.

The doctor was so kind and comfortable that I could hear detailed explanations of the surgery in a calm state.

Through careful consultation and observation with the doctor, I decided to use Motiva 370 for the both my breast.

Since breast surgery requires general anesthesia, my health condition was important before surgery.

At banobagi, there is the equipment that can perform a comprehensive health checkup so I was able to do a health checkup before the surgery.



The postoperative pain wasn't as much as I expected. My head was little dizzy and I felt pressure on the surgical site, but I got better after taking the painkillers that the ward nurse gave me.

Another thing that impressed me at Banobagi was that all the staffs were so kind and nice.

Before leaving the hospital, the nurse explained the instructions about the care at home.

There was nothing special. Just rest comfortably, take a medicine at the prescribed time, and avoid the surgical site in the shower? That was all.



A few days after the discharge, I visited the banobagi again for the treatment! The doctor removed the bandage that I wore right after the surgery and gave me a special customed bra to

After removing the bandage on my breast, the incision site started to hurt a little. It was fine when I was lying down, but it was painful especially when I got up.



It's been a month since I've got the surgery!

I still had to be careful of the wound and wore a special bra costumed from the banobagi. I applied scar cream continuously, too!



The swellings have gone and the result of the surgery has been coming up.

But there's one problem. The clothes I wore before didn't fit at all, so I had to change all of my upper clothes!

I had to go shopping a lot! I even changed all of my bras too! What a happy concern!



I look good in everything I wear since I got a glamorous body after the surgery!

I gained confidence because everyone whom I met praised me.

Friends who have same concerns like me in the past also asked to share the information about the surgery!

Then, I said one word confidently, Banobagi!



I was embarrassed with exposing my body before the surgery. I hesitated to go to the swimming pool or sauna because I had to wear off the clothes.

But after my breast augmentation surgery, I found myself attractive like I did when I was younger.

Not only that, but my lifestyle has also changed totally. I started to focus more on my body care.

I do exercise every day, go anti-cellulite body massage, and tanning regularly 🙂



In a way, you might think that breast surgery is just plastic surgery.

For me, at least, it was a big turning point that allowed me to live as Eve, not as someone's mother, so that I could restore the meaning of life.




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