Hoyung’s Plastic Surgery Real Review



It has been 6 months since I got Face contouring and nose revision surgery done at Banobagi and would like to review and share my story.







It is so stressful to see my before photo, every time I write the review.T.T

It wasn¡¯t a big face, but because of masculine line, my face didn¡¯t have smoother face line to have good image.



I had consultation first, and scheduled for the surgery. 

It wasn¡¯t realistic or felt nervous until the day of the surgery. 

The surgeon relaxed me saying everything will be over before I wake up.






 1 day after the surgery



On the day of the surgery, and the next day when I was discharged, the nurses and staff were so nice and caring that I didn¡¯t feel any difficulties or discomfort!

I was just so excited to see the result how I will look!! 


2 weeks after the surgery



I did cold massage, and war towel massage ever day, and took a walk to elementary school in front of my house~~

I did everything I could for swelling subsidence! Until this time, I couldn¡¯t eat what I want, which was most stressful to me.





1 month after the surgery



This is the time when most of the swelling subside. I was in a good condition, but I also tried my best to take a walk for 1 hour every day, had pumpkin soup, wore faceband and managed myself as best I can!

When I visited the clinic for check-up, the surgeon complement me for managing myself so well that swelling had gone down a lot more than expected!!





2 months after the surgery    



I barely had problem in everyday activity. 

I still had a little bit of swelling on cheek area, but that was the things that only I can notice. 

I could open my mouth wide, and had no problem eating. 


 I always had interest in fashion. After the surgery, I feel much better and good looking even with the outfits and hair style I did as same as before.

And now I know why people take selfies !! haha





3 months after the surgery 



I guess this is when I started to get spotlights from others. 

When I walk on the streets, strangers come up and complement me for my style and appearance my friends envy me for my looks.

When I went to the clinic for check-up, the surgeon told me I almost have no saggy skins and look good.

I do everyday activity with no problem, eat and yawn without feeling any irritations. 


4 months after the surgery



You know, I just love to see myself in the mirror these days!

I had to use photoshop to cut down my face line to make it smoother before, but don¡¯t need those work anymore! I take the photo, and upload straight to SNS. People ask what kind of photoshop application I use!!  



5 months after the surgery



I was abroad at this time! 

The foreigners there complement me for good proportion of my face and body! Wow!

The projects I proceed was a success, and happily came back home feeling better than ever! 



6 months after the surgery



These days, I honestly forget that I got the surgery done. 

It is so natural and satisfying result.

When I first visited the clinic feeling self-conscience about my look, nothing was regretful but thankful for everything the surgeon and clinic has done for me.


The bone related surgeries requires safety as first priority, 

and Banobagi led me to have the best result.

I was very surprised that the surgeon knew exactly what I had in my mind and understood my desire. I truly thank him for it.



For whoever still concerns about getting surgery done, I strongly recommend you the safest and trustworthy clinic, BANOBAGI for faceline enhancement.



People around me do not notice that I have done the surgery, they just think that I look better because I lost weight. I can¡¯t believe that it is so naturally done and happy about that. Like the catchphrase of BANOBAGI, ¡®Don¡¯t be a copycat, find your own beauty¡¯ is so right about this clinic.


If you are considering for face contouring, please take my words as reference~





Lastly, I will share my before and after photo to finish up my review! 


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