Hyerin’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


JJung¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review

(Face contouring + Rhinoplasty Revision + Double Eyelid Surgery)







Before / After



Since young, I was discourage of my appearance due to my round face shape~


Cheekbone is protruded and square jaw is very angled 

that my profile looks so square because of the jawline..


So I considered about getting the face contouring done, 

and I chose Banobagi Clinic which is well known for Face contour.


I seek for natural but refined look after surgery, 

and the surgeon¡¯s results from the review is what I wanted!!




Day 1



It was first day at home after surgery. 

Swelling is getting worse than the day of the surgery. 

But without lip area, I don¡¯t think it is that severe.

I tried to move around at home to reduce swelling. 

I did ice-pack massages regularly and tried to move around a lot.






 Day 7



7th day after surgery was the day for 

stitch removal, massage at the clinic and remove the splint on nose. 


Stitch removal wasn¡¯t that painful, and massage was so gentle and refreshing~


I learnt how to use the face bands. 

For me, face band wasn¡¯t that hurting, but stretching feeling which is good!


Swellings gone down after I visited the clinic, but cheek is still fat looking. Hehe







Day 12



Swelling on square jaw area is subsiding fast, but it is more visible on cheek and chin area which made me thought is my chin longer than before?¡¯ but it was all swelling!! 


As swelling subsides, my face is getting shorter and nose is more natiural~

 I never thought of this nose bridge line before the surgery~


So impressive T.T







4 weeks after 



Swellings subsided so much! And I look more natural!

The numbness around my mouth is back to normal now that 

I can make different expressions now!


What I like the most after surgery is that my face got slimmer~


Regardless of face shape, any hair style looks good on me now~


As my face is adjusted, I look more feminine!






Before the surgery/ 35 days after the plastic surgery



I went to the clinic for monthly check-up and saw the before photo. 

I was so surprised that I change much more than I thought!


Thank you Banobagi Surgeons T.T


The angles for my selfie was limited before, but I don¡¯t care about angles, 

because it looks good and slim from any angles!


People I know, they don¡¯t know if  got the face contouring done!






2 months after the surgery



I don¡¯t see much difference now as major swelling are almost gone~

But it does get more natural day by day^^

I look better when I smile with teeth showing~

I can now put two fingers in the mouth!







6 weeks after the surgery



Not much difference in appearance, but I feel different everyday!


People asked if I got plastic surgery done because of my nose, 

maybe because of the swelling, the nose was more visibly sharp from the first surgery.


But after revision at Banobagi, people say it looks way better and natural. 

And my image changed to be softer than before.

And due to nose adjustment, 

it feels like my face asymmetry is enhanced to be more symmetrical~


I think sensation on left cheekbone area will be normal soon, 

and other areas¡¯ sensation is back to normal.


The swelling in the mouth subsided a lot, but I do have little bit of heavy feeling~






120 days after the surgery



My face line is more clear and defined noe~

I do look more feminine and soft, too!

And I like to hear people saying I have small face!

And my profile is sharper~ GOOD!


I have a bit of minor swelling left, which does not make complete face line as result, 

so I will consult with the surgeon when I meet him for regular check-up~!






5 months after the surgery



I don¡¯t feel any hardening on face, and my expressions are more various.

People say I look good without make-up than wearing full make-up. Haha


I think it¡¯s because my face contour is defined overall.

I never thought that I will hear this kind of compliment!

I feel like my life changed, I¡¯m not kidding!!

Thank you BANOBAGI T.T


I concerned a little about the swelling on nose, 

but as time goes, it is reducing.


I understand now why people say ¡®time heals everything¡¯. 

I should be patient and wait for the good result~







148 days after the surgery



I had sty on my left eye, but this photo looks very pure ~


About 4 months after, I look natural than ever that people do not notice my surgery!


I never thought of people complimenting me saying I look like a celebrity,

 but I hear that compliment so much these days!!


It is impressing and feel wonderful!






6 months after the surgery



Almost all the minor swellings subsided, and I eat any kind of food now~

I went to the clinic for regular check-up, 

and surgeons compliment me for my management and result!


My impression changed softer than before which I like the most~

I am more confident about myself now!^^


A lot of things happened over 6 months after surgery but it was all good things~


As I am satisfied about myself, I am more confident and became more positive person^^


I truly thank Banobagi for my dramatic change, 

and Thank you all for reading my Real Story ^^ 







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