Hyeri’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Ena¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Eyes+ Forehead Endotine surgery)





The time passed so fast that I don¡¯t remember my before look..


I have done the Epicanthoplasty, Non-incision method double eyelid surgery with ptosis and 

Forehead Endotine surgery.


I fasted for 4 hours before the surgery for anesthesia, 

and went to the clinic with excited feeling!!


Wow, the clinic was full of patients and everyone was busy!

But the staff were so caring to each patients <3







Before the surgery



This is my PAST¡¦.


When I was on bed for surgery, I heard nurse saying I can now sleep¡¦

The I woke up in the recovery room.

I don¡¯t know when I slept or how long I slept, but everything was finished!

I rested in the recovery room and was discharged to recover at home.







The swelling on the second day of the surgery was the worst. But as time passes, the swellings went down and bruises faded away.

I¡¯m so excited to wait for the result!!








7 days after the surgery



I still feel that it isn¡¯t me when I see my before photo.

I just want to erase all the photos of my before surgery..hahahaha


It¡¯s been a week and I still have the bruise under eyes. 


But I manage well to do warm towel massage, 

and it seems like the swelling has subsided more than before.








2 weeks after the surgery



 It looks more natural than before, right? So I went out to meet some friends.. hehe

My friends are also excited to see my face after swelling subsidence~


The time goes slow for me and worries me about swelling, 

but I should be patient for at least one month!!

It will subside!!!







3 weeks after the surgery




It¡¯s so hot these days.. I just want to stay home 

and watch TV all day with air conditioner on~~~


The time passed and it¡¯s been already 3 weeks since my operation. 

Now I feel that time goes really fast!


The people I meet tell me I look so good now that they do not remember my old face 

before the surgery¡¦ hehe


So I look in the gallery of my phone to remind myself¡¦hah


I could not use the photoshop to make myself look better in the photo. 

But now, I look pretty natural, right?







1 month after the surgery



 I went for a check-up at the clinic. This is my 4th visit to the clinic and the staffs greets me so well that I do not feel like stranger here now^^


The endotine on the forehead can be felt when I touch it, but this will be dissolved after 6 months. The important thing is that I don¡¯t use the photoshop anymore~~







I still do the massaging with hot towel. I was informed that hot towel massage is good for swelling subsidence until 1month after the surgery.


The swelling occurs and subsides differently for everyone, 

but my swelling is subsiding a bit slower I think..

So I started on my diet ~~~








1 and half month after the surgery




I worried and concerned so much before the surgery and 

it¡¯s been already 1 and half month after the surgery.


Once I made my decision, everything went so fast and now, 

I regret to get it done sooner.. hehe






2 months after the surgery



I met my brother in law today and he told me he is happy to see me with confident~

He said my eyes got so big and look pretty!!! >_<


You know, plastic surgery is for self-satisfaction, and I truly agree with that. 

I just love to see my now than before the surgery!








2 and half months after the surgery



Why is time fly so fast??! Hahah

My swellings subsided almost all already, and I don¡¯t concern about it anymore~


From any angle, I just look so natural in the photos~~!

I only have concern taking photo with my eyes closed, but it will get better soon~~






The difference is so visible now.

I love my eyes mostly from the surgery result!! ^^






People around me says I look good and pretty and that compliments make me think 

I am really pretty, so I look in the mirror every time!>_< 




3 months after the surgery



When I compare the before and now, I wonder if it is the same person.Haha

I just want to erase all my history of before T.T


I don¡¯t feel any heavy feelings on upper eyes anymore and it looks natural..








The surgery is important, but I know that management after surgery is also important.

You have to manage yourself for the best result! It¡¯s worth it !!!






As I mentioned continuously, I never regret my surgery at all!!!

Just regret for not getting it done sooner! 


It is one of the best thing I¡¯ve decided to do in my whole life!!

I thank Banobagi surgeon for this fantastic job to find confident for me!!






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