Hyoni’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Pyupyuri’s Plastic Surgery Real Review




(Face contouring for Square jaw reduction, Cheekbones reduction, Genioplasty,

Incisional double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction,

Brow lift,






Before                                                         after 6 months


I really didn’t like my face shape before the surgery.

Big and angled jaw was always veiled by long hair…



I felt like people were all looking at my jaw

and hated to go outdoors on windy days.


I was so stressed about my jaw

so that I wore my hair down like a ghost every day.


I also disliked hazy eyes and flat nose.

Those are the reasons I decided to get surgery,

and I chose Banobagi Clinic

since it provides safe operations

and results are all natural and good.





I got surgeries;


Eyes (incisional double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction, brow lifting),


Rhinoplasty (revision, alar reduction),


Face contouring (reduction of cheekbones and square jaw, genioplasty)












Day two after surgery







Day three after surgery:



It was quite exhausting till third day because of swelling.

I felt warmed up on face…

Swelling increased until the third day than the first day.


Drinking soymilk, gargling, and taking medicines were all I did.

It became much better since the day three~

Swelling decreased a lot than the day before and I slept less~

I watched dramas, strolled, and moved steadily.







Day four after surgery:


Do you see swelling decreased a lot?!

I washed my hair which I was longing for to do…


It was difficult to be careful not to touch stitches

which were on sideburns and behind the ears.


And bruise around eyes turned yellow on this day!!

I even ate rice with soup that I could open my mouth in a quite big size!!











Day six after surgery:


I feel really happy whenever I look at my slimmer jaw line!

I’ve still gotten bruise, but people said mine is much less than others~

Yellow parts around my eyes are bruise.


I steadily ice packed. 


I sleep pretty deeply

so I changed the pack in every 2~3 hours while sleeping,

but right away if it’s not cool while I was awake.



Day eight after surgery:



I got rid of stitches and splint on the 7th day~

And the clinic offered massage for deswelling and bruise, and I loved it…

I saw the light on my face after 30 minutes of massage, haha.


I feel like it loosens my muscles and decreases swelling.

I packed a lot in the morning every day, hahaha.

I packed a lot and was busy taking selfies, haha.


I came to realize how people feel when they take selfies.

I think I would take nice selifes in every single angle!



Day ten after surgery:


I am into taking profile selfies than front ones.

I really love the nose!

People all I meet say my nose is really nice, haha.


Through swelling,

everyone can see that I got a surgery on eyes, hahaha.













Day eleven after surgery:




I’ve told that I have a really strong impression.

However, I came to have smoother impression after surgery.

People say I became very gentle, haha.

They even said I look younger.


I think I tie my hair back every day after the operation.

It’s like a reward for the past time that I couldn’t do before, hahaha.


Brushing teeth is still quite difficult…

I don’t work too hard on that,

but smoothly just on the part I can, and gargle.


I often gargle and do water-disinfection

not to get inflammation inside the mouth.











Day thirteen after surgery:



Stitches inside nose and mouth are all removed in 2 weeks.

It was a little itchy…

but comfortable after removing all~


I think staffs of Banobagi Clinic are all so kind and caring

whenever I visit them.

They even wiped my eyes…haha.


I’m satisfied that swelling is being decreased day by day.

I feel like living a new life>.<


I’m so into taking selfies

that my friends even want me to stop it.

I still have swelling on the side of jaw.

It looked uneven because of the swelling,

but the doctor told me it would disappear when it’s gone!


Bruise around eyes are almost gone that hot packing was a lot of help.

It’s a knowhow from the doctor.


Many people around me ask where the clinic I got surgeries was.

It’s still swelled on the face lines

but I’m told that face got smaller and I lost weight.



Day sixteen after surgery:



I tend to take selfies of profile than full face!

I love the bridge of the nose.


I think I would never revise mine again.

My nostrils were visible at the front

but I’m pleased that it’s no longer obvious in the same sight.


Hot pack is too hot that I put handkerchief under it

and get it out after heat is gone.









Day twenty after surgery:


Jaw is swelled as swelling comes to the bottom side.


Doctor said it’s because swelling decreased just a little,

but I worried that it would settle forever… hahaha.


I’m pleased that I don’t need to slim jaw line by Photoshop

after taking selfies.







      Before                                                             after 1 month


My before photos are the worst pictures of my life…

I can’t believe that I went around with that face.


I got non-incision ptosis correction surgery!

You can see through pictures,

eyes clearer and bigger!!


When I do make-up on my eyes,

my friends tell me my eyes are so pretty, haha.

It’s really sure

that women would have clear appearances with big eyes.


I had a nose that nostrils were obvious with big alars.

Face also looked big as nose was.


I really had a short nose but doctor was great.

He made the tip of nose a little bit to the down side,

and had the bridge of the nose higher~


Actually, I still have swelling on face lines…

Profile image is obviously different

and it seems that lines became smoother at the full face!


I was told that my face line was kind of masculine

but feminine, slimmer, and smaller after surgery, haha.

However, it still looks round with swelling.













One month after surgery:



When I put make-up after two weeks,

it was quite hard that senses were not back

but it’s interesting now that many of senses are back after one month.


It didn’t take much time on make-up,

but took one hour this time

that I came to interested to put on my new face, hahaha.


Before the surgery, I was less told pretty than these days.

It looks that eyes are clearer and swelling is decreased!


I always veiled my jaw with hair when I took selfies of full face and profile,

but I don’t care anymore.


It’s countless that I take selfies every day.


My face is really natural

that I cannot find any angled features on profile.

Doctor said that safety is the best,

so I thought I wouldn’t have a dramatic change

but the result is so delightful!!!
















          Before                                                     after 2 months


It’s been 2 months after surgery

with a lot of swelling decreased than the first month!


I got accustomed to the after face,

so I feel it didn’t change that much…

but I feel it when I compare before and after, hahahaha.



I didn’t give any retouching on the after photo,

but jaw line is really slim…

I’m impressed with the result every day!


I used to have inner double eyelid,

and the new line is really natural and good.

People don’t know until I reveal about surgery!!


I realize a lot about face contouring

as I keep looking at before photos, haha.


I think my case is really successful, hahaha.

I didn’t think of wearing a hat like this,

because my angled jaw is obvious when I wore it.

So I didn’t wear any hats or caps, even snapbacks before…


I eat almost everything unless it’s too hard to chew.

Nothing is bothering me in daily life.




It’s almost been three months.

It’s still not very smooth but changed a lot compared to before, haha.


My square jaw was so obvious

that face shape was rectangular if I had fringe…


I became more feminine

after face contouring, eye and nose surgeries

at Banobagi Clinic!!



My life is entirely different

that now I regret delaying till now!


I eat almost everything

but still have difficulty on eating hamburger.

I ate crushing it, haha.


Opening mouth as before is still hard!

I chop to chew firm food.















These were taken after 3 months, hahaha.

It’s really different comparing to before photos, haha.





My masculine face changed into feminine one.

Doctor said I would get more effects on full face than profile,

and I’m often heard my face is being half!















Double eyelids I originally used to have

were so thin that make-up didn’t work,

but I’ve got clearer ones and it makes me happy~


It’s fine to take selfies on full face.





Do you see the bridge of the nose?! Hallelujah…


Doctors in Banobagi clinic is really perfect!

These are even before without retouching effect..



I said that I should have made my nose higher

but people said that would look like ‘Avatar’, hahaha.

I think my new nose fit well in my face!

Alars were hard but it became softer as time went by!




I cannot open mouth as before surgery!

I can eat bulgogi or hamburger

now it’s after 3 months.


It’s said that face contouring is needed to wait and see.















Four months after surgery:




I think swelling decreased a lot~


I agree it’s more beautiful when having clearer appearances~


I don’t have any swelling around eyes and I love the lines!!

Eyes look bigger enough even with thin eyelines.




My jaw was a little bit short

so I pulled my jaw to the front and I like it~


The line on nose is not too high!!!

It’s not obvious that I had surgeries, hahaha.


People say that they love my nose bridge line!




It’s been 5 months!

I don’t wear cosmetic lenses

after surgeries of eyelid and brow lifting.


People say my eyes are bigger enough even without them,

so there’s no need to feel discomfort on eyes, hahaha.


I think I’m the case of better full face than profile.

I truly wanted to try knotted hair and I do now!!!


It’s more feminine after face contouring

and nose is much prettier after revision.












This is my best photo ever!! Hahaha.

I even cannot remember my before face~

I hoped time would fly after surgery… and 5 months passed, hahaha.


Double eyelids are natural!

It’s said that non-incision surgery end to fail

but I don’t have any awkward feelings~










Face lines are far smoother than before!

But sleeping on the side is still uncomfortable~


I feel tightened if cheekbones are pressed.










I think my surgery is a success!

Lines of eyes are not too thin, just good~










This is me with severe square jaw before surgery…


I don’t understand why my eyes look so dull, hahaha.


But now I don’t have that image with me anymore!!










Mouth opening is still difficult!

So I avoid eating hard or tough food.


I’m also afraid

that I would have square jaw again if I eat hard food too much…









I was so stressed but also scared of surgery…

Now, however, I only think I made a great decision.

I saw this comment on other reviews but it’s real!!


I truly thank to doctors in Banobagi clinic

who helped me live a new life.


I also recommend to get consultation without hesitation

if you got weakness on your face.

It’s better to live with more beautiful face when I’m younger, I think.



I hope my review would be a lot of help to many people!


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