Hyun’s Plastic Surgery Real Review



Good looking guy on the right photo, this is me now. 

But I did had gloomy past I want to hide which is on the left. 

I would like to share my story of plastic surgery for face contouring, eyes and nose surgery.


Before the surgery




Fist of all, I had sleepy looking eyes which make me look always tired. 

People often asked if I am mad, or tired when I feel great, with good condition.T.T


I am skinny with no fats on face which make the skin sag easily. 

This makes me look way older than my age.


My nose was high enough, but tip was bit blunt and dull, so I decided to change the whole image of me for drastic change with plastic surgery.


3 days after the surgery



I was instructed to sit and sleep for swelling subsidence, so I did. And also took a walk a lot for blood circulation which was also helpful for swelling and recovery.


I read the reviews saying they had difficult times after the surgery while recovering, but I was able to talk, with not so much pain as I thought.


I guess I was born to get the surgery done! haha




 9 days after the surgery



I took this photo right when I woke up in the morning. 

This is the time when I have the most swelling out of whole day. I fist worried about the swelling when I wake up, but it goes away about an hour after!


I had soups. After the surgery, I thank for foods that exist in life.. hehe





3 weeks after the surgery



Big and clear eyes, is the first thing people noticed after surgery. 

I changed my photo in the SNS and people suddenly messaged asking information about which clinic I have done the surgery from which surgeon,, hehe


I actually did not tell anyone that I will get the surgery done, but eyes were a big change that everyone says I did a good job deciding to get the surgery for my eyes because it changed my old and tired image draastically.^^



30 days after the surgery


I can feel that most of the swellings are gone. 

So I don¡¯t do cold or warm massage, or go for a walk on purpose. 

I still have some swelling left on eye area and chin, but not much to bother.


It¡¯s been only one month, but I feel totally different from before.




60 days after the surgery



I dyed my hair lighter~ now I feel more confident about my look,

and also look good with changed hair color!

I can eat meat now, so I eat them a lot these days. 

But I try not to eat chewy food like dried squid. 



My friends told me I totally look different, 

which makes me feel good and bad at the same time,, weird¡¦. Hehe 





90 days after surgery



 The most of swelling subsided now, right?

I try different hair styles and fashion styles freely because I look good on anything! 

And my eyes are now so natural that other don¡¯t notice the surgery.



I went for a check-up with the surgeon and suggested for Liposuction on cheek and double chin, and fat injection on under eyes which was bit sunken. 



This is me the day after the additional surgeries of Accusculpt and fat grafting.

But swelling and bruise this time subsided way faster than previous surgery. 





 120 days after the surgery



My overall swelling has subsided now, and people do not notice my surgery history unless I tell them. I am born with this good looking face for strangers I meet.. haha


The jaw line is natural, round and blunt nose tip is sharper and slim! I hear a lot of complements of my eyes these days. They just look so naturally bright and big ! ^^


The time heals everything for plastic surgery.





150 days after the surgery


 I get skin care treatment at Banobagi Dermatology clinic these days!

As I get confident of my appearance, the matters of my skin appeared so I get treatments to have better skin tone. 






180 days after the surgery



Minor swelling are still subsiding I think.. 

I heard that swelling lasts almost 1 year, and it is true.. 

I thought my swellings were all gone, but whenever I look in the mirror, 

I can see the change. 



Amazing,,  !!



First I hope I get the natural result and no one to notice my face contouring surgery, 

but now, I want people to notice,, what is this feeling?? 




 Before / After



Isn¡¯t it AMAZING???


Getting face contouring, eyes, and nose surgery at Banobagi was 

the best choice I made in life.



It changed my life and my personality to be more confident about myself,

which is good change. I think positive, and act positive now !



If you are self conscience about your look, 

do not hesitate to get help from the surgeons for your future.



Thank you Banobagi Surgeons!!! 



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