Jam’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Misun¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour+ Nose surgery)


I was always discouraged and afraid to stand in front of people due to my appearance. I read numerous of plastic surgery reviews online and finally decided to get the face contouring surgery done at Banobagi plastic surgery clinic, which is well known for face contouring surgery.




Before Face contouring and Rhinoplasty






I looked mad without expression due to developed face line. 

Protruded cheekbone, sunken cheek, not satisfying nose shape made me look masculine.

So for better change, I decided for nose surgery also!






Right after the surgery



It was a bit difficult to breathe due to two surgeries. T.T






3 days after



Worst 72 hours,,





I was swelled this much on the 3rd day. 

I didn¡¯t feel much pain, but swelling was bad, so is bruise. 

I looked in the mirror every time and wonder when this swelling will subside¡¦






5 days after



I went to the clinic to remove the splint on nose and washed my hair! Hehe

I gargled as instructed to avoid infection inside my mouth.


It was really hard to breathe for about a week, but when splint was removed, it felt way better. Compare to day 3, I look different~






It was really hard to breathe for about a week, but when splint was removed, it felt way better. Compare to day 3, I look different~



I still have the swellings, but nose line looks good and face line got smooth~





Before stitch removal/ After stitch removal





 2 weeks after


I cannot chew perfectly yet, but I can eat rice!

I blend fruits and drink as juice~ This make me feel like I¡¯m losing weight~ the stitch inside the mouth is removed!

I still have the swellings, but will subside faster after stitch removal~^^




Before the surgery






3 weeks after



Wow, I look so young compare to before the surgery~

At least few year younger than before ^^

One of the advantages for Face contouring surgery is that your face gets smaller, but it also make you look YOUNGER!! J


I heard that swelling will subside slowly until 1year after, but 3 weeks after, the smooth face line was showing and that felt really good ^^

I forgot about the bruise and went out~~ keke







4 weeks after 



No more bruise~!

It is still a bit awkward, but I eat anything like before the surgery~ hehe





 And when I take out my before photo as a reminder,,,, mymy how did this happened??

I don¡¯t want to remember my before..





8 weeks after



The bruise and swelling has gone down and I can chew gum now!!

There is still swelling,, or fat? On cheek area, but still, my face line is so smooth!

People compliment me for how pretty I became! The best thing is that I look younger than before ^^ 






People ask how my face got this small, and that makes me keep smile on my face^^

I didn¡¯t like to take selfies before, but camera is with me at all times!

My boyfriend complaints about taking photos too much, but I¡¯m so happy!!!






I look more defined after face contouring surgery, and I LOOK YOUNGER !! 


Before / After





16 weeks after



I can now eat hard food, and here is the comparison of before and after~

I can now open my mouth wide, too!


Smiling is natural now, and started on diet for prettier me! 




I dyed my hair lighter than before, it looks good I think,, or is it too light? ^^:;







22 weeks after



I concentrate on skincare after plastic surgery. As my image changes, I spend a lot of time looking in the mirror, and keep up with diet.

And Most Importantly, I can take selfies from Any angle!!





Before the surgery




 Many things changed after plastic surgery. 

But First thing is that I found confidence! I hated taking selfies, 

but now, I have my camera on all the time!  


Confidence is most important I think. People around me compliment about how pretty I became, which makes me try more to keep in shape.






To be honest, I already forgot about my past before the surgery, 

but I do thank Dr. Oh and Banobagi Clinic for this Fantastic Job. 





I will now live my life with confidence!!!

Thank you Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic <3






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