Jeeny’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Ms.C¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


 Profile Surgery (Eyes, Nose and forehead)     




You can call me C~ ^^


Before the surgery, I had flat face with small eyes, nose and mouth which made me self-conscience, But Dr.Kim JungHong from Banobagi Clinic gave hope to live new life!!





Before the surgery 


Dr.Kim performed Double eyelid surgery with lateral canthoplasty, 

Nose surgery, forehead lifting and partial fat grafting. 


I would like to go over the history after surgery for you and for me.^^





 1 day after/ 2 days after/ 7 days after



This is how I changed from day 1 to 7. The third photo was taken when I came back from the clinic with splint and stitch removed.


I didn¡¯t feel much pain after surgery, but of course, there were some difficulties. 

You cannot wash you face like usual for some time. It is bit itchy and irritating.


All these happens after plastic surgery, so you will understand..



And as you can see, i swelled too much that I had to sit and sleep for a week. 




 2 weeks after the surgery



Where can you find my flat face??


The face is settled in overall 2 weeks after the surgery.

Even if you are swelled as much as me, you don¡¯t have to worry~ 






I used to hate taking photo of myself, but from this date, 

I started to take selfies and cannot stop taking it until now.


And I don¡¯t know why, but somehow I was so confident about myself and went to work without makeup. Haha


I guess this can only happen after plastic surgery~~





 3 weeks after the surgery



I can wash up whenever and however I want~  so happy <3


I took the selfie when I was on the way to work. The swelling seems more severe in the morning time, but when time passes to afternoon, it slowly subsides.


But my co-workers compliment me for different image I have now than before because I became a lot more active and bright. 





 1 month after the surgery


You know, I am a mother of elementary school child.. hehe


I had to visit school for my daughter¡¯s class work after school, 

and was bit nervous to meet other mothers,, and guess what? 


They were just surprised of how I changed, but didn¡¯t know what I have done! all they were saying was I look so younger than before! ^^


Before / After 


I compared myself with before and 1 month after the surgery.


How do I look?


All I can think is that the surgery was a success and I am new born person!

How can such surgery change the image of person positively like this?




Before my double eyelid surgery, my eyes were retruded and which eyeliner I used, 

even water proof eyeliner did not last long. 


I had dozens of eyeliners at home¡¦


After epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, and double eyelid surgery, 

overall size of my eyes got bigger and eyeliner on this eyes,,, 


wow,, waterproof is no longer needed, and look at this brighter eyes I have !


I should not buy eyeliners, but use the stacked eyeliners at home!! Hehe





 6 weeks after the surgery



I put this photo on SNS and all the people who saw this photo messaged me for what happened to me, what I have done, how I became so pretty all of a sudden! 

They all asked about the name of the clinic I have done the nose! 

(I told them I only got my nose job done XP)


My hubby changed his SNS photo to my photo and said I look better than ever, 

and sent me a massage with lots of hearts!! >_<


I know men love pretty women, and he is a man, too! Haha






I also have done forehead endotine, and it stings sometime, but when I met the surgeon for the check-up, he said it is normal symptom after endotine surgery. 


What a gentleman, Dr. Kim Junghong <3


6 months after the surgery, 

endotine will disappear as it is dissolvable implant for lifting procedure. 


Before it is dissolved, it is not visible from outside, 

but when you touch it, you can feel it. 





Before / After


Dull and flat face became brighter and defined. My face even looks smaller!



I don¡¯t know how to thank Dr.Kim for this successfully done surgery T.T


Thank You So Much Dr. Kim !!! 



3 months after the surgery 



The first week right after the surgery, the time went sooooo slow. 

But after a week past, it went pretty fast! It¡¯s been already 3 months!!


I was self-conscience about myself before the surgery, 

but now, others may not think I am beautiful, but I am now confident about myself and satisfied of my new look. I love myself and in a positive mood every day!



Whoever worries about getting plastic surgery done, 

I hope my real review was helpful for you to make decision.


Thank you all ^-^






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