Jiho’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Jiho¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Two Jaw + Rhinoplasty)






Before the surgery




I was normal just like other when I was young. But I started to use one side when I eat, and it became a habit and caused this severe asymmetry as I grow.


The stress due to this asymmetric face was so much that I couldn¡¯t face others and do eye contacts with them for communication.


I hated taking photos, too.

I also had malocclusion.




Teeth condition before the surgery



Orthodontic treatment itself cannot cure the malocclusion, so I was suggested for two jaw surgery to correct malocclusion and also enhance the asymmetry and reduce the long face.

Due to asymmetric teethe and face, malocclusion caused sound whenever I made a movement of jaw such as eating or yawning. And these were so irritating.


The consultant was so kind, and the director surgeon Dr,Oh explained accurately depending on my condition by observing X-rays and CT scans which made me trustworthy.






 On the day of discharge after two jaw surgery




Rather than being nervous before the surgery, I was more excited the night before the surgery. The nurse explained everything before the surgery so I do not get panic, and care for me so I was relieved.


The anesthesiologist came and talked to me for few seconds and,, 

I woke up, the surgery was done.



I was not supposed to sleep for 4 hours when I wake up from anesthesia, 

but it was sooooo sleepy.

 I also could breathe with my mouth only, which was very difficult. 

I couldn¡¯t talk, and had so much phlegm which made nurse work so much. 


I felt sorry for them, but also thanked them for taking care of me. 

And during your stay in the clinic, for 2 night and 3 days, I suggest you to take walks in the hallways. Taking a walk is good for blood circulation and swelling subsidence.


On the last day of surgery, I went to get medicine with prescription and came back home. Do not forget to take medicine !! 







2 weeks ~ 1 month after Two Jaw surgery



There was no pain, but for about 2-3 weeks, it was really hard time for me because I couldn¡¯t eat what I want. I could only eat soups and drinks and lost 8 kilograms. I tried hard for swelling subsidence I ate pumpkin soup which is good for swelling, with pumpkin juice, and even took a walk 3 times a day!


Anti-swelling I got it done when I last visited the clinic was very helpful, too.


Sit and sleep is very helpful for swelling subsidence, but I tried for 3 days, and gave up.. rather than sit and sleep, put 2-3 pillows to have face on the upper side than your heart for prompt swelling subsidence.


As time passes, I could eat soft cakes and egg soups. 

I couldn¡¯t eat well for almost 1 month, 

and when I was finally able to chew food, I had meal all day long.


After this one month after surgery, 

there is no problem doing everyday activity and eat more and more.


I took medicine for anti-infection for 3weeks until stitch removal inside my mouth, 

and started wearing braces 2 months after the two jaw surgery


2 months ? 6 months after the surgery



Orthodontic treatment is not easy, too you know. 

Tying the rubber and eating food,,, 

I got used to it later. And you MUST practice mouth moving after surgery!


I made a sound to say A E I O U whenever I can. 

With mouth practice, the muscle and bone of mouth area will be settled more smoothly.  

I still had swelling after 1 month, the minor swellings. 

But I could see the change after 2-3 months after the surgery.



My mouth was very awkward at first that I thought it was one of the side effect of two jaw surgery. But it is more natural now, so don¡¯t worry~~ 






 It¡¯s been almost 1 year after surgery and all the minor swelling is gone now, 

but I still have a bit of stinging feeling once in a while in chin area.


People around me tells me that my face went back to the face when I was a child ^^


I am very satisfied with the result.


I wrote this diary even if I¡¯m not good at writing to encourage people who are still considering about the surgery.


And whoever worries about the swelling, the time will heal everything. 

It takes time to see the actual result of the surgery, so please be patient~~ 





Two Jaw surgery is not a simple surgery and it is one of the major surgeries in plasty. 

I also considered for thousand times before deciding to get the surgery done, 

but here I am now and I hope this diary will help others making decision.





 Before the surgery


Thank you Banobagi for giving me an opportunity and caring surgeon and staff!!






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