JinJin’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


JinJin’s Plastic Surgery Real Review

(Face contouring surgery + Rhinoplasty)




Before/ After


As you can see from the before and after photos, my face line got much slimmer.


Before the surgery, I had short chin and protruded cheekbone.

Because of my dull face expression, people thought I’m just not thinking, or look old.

I also had concern about my droopy nose tip and hump on nose bridge.


All these concerns made me discouraged

and never wanted to make to take photos of my own.


I also had low self- esteem and could not stand in front of people.


So I decided to get plastic surgery done and chose Banobagi

for naturalness after surgery and safety during surgery.


As time passed, it’s been already 6 months and I am Fully satisfied!!





I got face contouring for cheekbone, square jaw, and front chin, and also rhinoplasty.











This is the day after surgery.

I had hemovac to remove the dead blood cells inside the mouth,

but it was removed before I was discharged.


I am swelled on face and it automatically opens my mouth.

I was told that patients will have swelling upto 3-4 days after surgery,

and then subside after 4-5 days.


The photo on the right is when I had ice-packs on face.

It is suggested to wear it 24hours after surgery for about 1 week for deswelling.

So I had it on for 24/7!









5 days after surgery.

I was able to wash up for the first time after surgery. haha








This is 2 weeks after surgery.

I removed the taping on chin about 1 week before and removed the splint on nose and stitches outside of the face at the clinic 1 week after.

I can now eat soft foods like soft tofu, noodles, and steamed eggs.


And I started to wear face band.


It is for faster swelling subsidence, and faster recovery.

I wear it for 1 hour and rest for 30 minutes to 1 hour.


I should wear for 4 hours a day because

it is not good for blood circulation if I wear it for too long.


I started to do warm towel massage from 2nd week.

I also gargled regularly and took prescribed pills on time.


The stitch our inside the mouth and nose was done, and it hurt …

But after stitch-out, I can brush my teeth and use tooth paste.


I also got face massage as treatment at the clinic, and it felt really good.

The therapist’s movement was so soft and smooth which made me sleep

by just getting the massage done on face..







1 month after surgery

I had bruise in my eyes, but it is gone now,

And I can go out without masks on.


But when you eat too spiced food or salty food, the swelling will lasting longer,

so try not to eat to spiced.



This is before the surgery.

I do have big face with bumpiness on face line. I do look old also.

When I compare, I can clearly see the difference.










6 weeks after surgery

I go out without masks on, and have 1 glass of beer sometimes.

I can exercise with no problem and also eat meat!

Doing everyday activity is nothing now!

But I’m sure recover period differ by patients.


I still have minor swelling and it makes my cheek look chubby,










8 weeks after surgery

I cut my hair and dyed my hair also.

I think there is only minor swelling left on my face.











1 month and 15 days after surgery

As you can see from the photos, I love my profile…

Especially my nose bridge line..

I love ho my nose bridge became so smooth unlike before surgery,.


Now I don’t have to worry about my swelling, the time just flies.

I look good on any hair style!









This is before the surgery photos.

I have big face, looks dull and old.

I hated my face.

After surgery, face contour is much slimmer and have volume, but small.

Nose line is way better than before too!








12 weeks after surgery.

The time went really slow right after surgery, but it’s already been 3 months!


I don’t get any stress from swelling anymore as it seems like it’s almost gone.

People who have seen my process o the surgery compliment for natural result.


Especially they ask where and which surgeon I got the nose done from.

It is naturally done, but beautiful enough!


I wanted little more higher, but surgeon told me that I might look like an Avatar,

so I followed surgeon’s suggestion, and it is perfectly done!^^










4 months after the surgery

Rest of the swelling subsided, but it feels like swelling

on right below the cheekbone subsides a bit slower.


I have no problem living daily lives, and people only notice my nose surgery,

not face contouring.


Now people believe when I say I have rhinoplasty done, and that’s it.


My face line is definitely got smoother, but it not like I have done dramatic surgery done,

so I am fully satisfied.











5 months after surgery

It is true that when you do little bit of exercising after surgery, the swelling will subside faster.


I started to work out and it’s been only 2 week, but it looks like I lost cheek fats.

And especially swellings only I noticed, it is slowly subsiding.


I don’t care about swelling anymore.

Only little bit of swelling from stitched area inside the mouth.

Wow, the time flies~










6 months after surgery

Or those of you who still consider to get surgery done,

If it is because of the swelling, pain, or if it gets done too dramatically, I suggest you to get it done now!


I am so thankful for surgeons for natural result.

I never heard others saying I look like a plastic surgery doll, or too fake.

They only say my surgery is naturally done and compliment me.


I did suffer from pain and difficulties right after surgery, but after 6 months, I am truly fully satisfied with the result.

I never regretted!!


I truly thank Dr. Oh and Dr. Kim for Fantastic work they have done for me !


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