Kyungah’s Plastic Surgery Real Review



My nickname from when I was young was all related to my long face, like ¡®horse¡¯ or ¡®cucumber¡¯. This made me feel self-conscience about my appearance.T.T

So I shopped around may other clinics for consultations and finally decided to get the surgery done at Banobagi Clinic.




The surgeries for my eyes were Non-incision method double yelid surgery with ptotsis correction, and epicanthoplasty. Also nose with face contour surgery was performed together. Face contour was performed by Dr. Oh, and Eyes and nose surgery was performed by Dr. Kim.




 1 day after the surgery



I was discharged a day after the surgery. I took the photo when I got home. The swelling usually lasts about 3-4 days and slowly subsides. So I did ice pack massage for 3-4 days after the surgery. The swelling wasn¡¯t much a problem, but what was difficult to me was sit and sleeping. But when time passes, it was nothing! 



4 days after the surgery


I went out on the 4th day after the surgery. I wore a mask, but friends told me I look prettier even with swelling and splint on nose! I can¡¯t wait to see the result~ 



1 week after the surgery



I went to the clinic to take the splint on nose bridge out and also remove the stitches for eyelid surgery. Also has skin care treatment for peeling and massage~ the staffs in the clinic were so mice and gentle, and the massage felt really good!

Light make-up was possible after stitch removal, so I put on little bit of bb cream to cover my bruise and went out! My friends envy me even with swelling that I will look much prettier when the swelling subsides. Hehe



1 month after the surgery



I think the major swelling has gone down now, and minor swelling left. You still need to have soft food to be careful as post operation instruction.



I look in the mirror everyday and does not see the difference whether the swelling subsiding or not. But my friends who see me say I look different every time as swelling subsides.




Before / After



I always had to have bang and side hair to cover my long face, but now days, even without the bangs, I look younger and my face look smaller than before.



And I wear the face bands for 1 hour and rest 15 minutes every day for the best result.  



I had curved and hooked nose before which I heard was difficult surgery.. but the surgeon was confident and told me I will have the best nose on me.



It turned out really really AMAZING!! I did not even use the implant for nose bridge because I had some already, and tip was corrected with my own cartilage to achieve half curved dolly nose shape for feminine nose.



I had to photoshop not only the long face, but also my nose whenever I take photos, but I forgot how to use photoshop now, because I look good, and no need for photoshop anymore!


My face got small and have defined eyes and nose~ 




2 months after the surgery



I went for a check up to meet the surgeons. I should manage the minor swelling well so they do not stay. I been working out, but will try to continue for better result. 



And instruction for opening the mouth was practiced. Right after stitch removal, I could open my mouth a little, only one finger could go in. but now days, I can put two fingers in with practice of mouth opening.


I still need to be careful for too chewy food, but now I can basically eat anything I want, like meat !!




3 months after the surgery



I have softer image and look kind than before. I used to wear dark make-up which is not suitable for me now. So I barely wear make-ups on, but still feel confident!

Dr.Kim performed the surgery for my eyes and said he will make natural result, and he really did with satisfying result~ AWESOME!!




Before / After



I met good friend of mine who I couldn¡¯t meet for long time. She told me I have defined features and look better than ever. So I told her I got the surgery done and she was very, very surprised, and asked for name of the clinic, keke

Those mentions make me feel really good.. 



 5 months after the surgery



I did Accu-lifting with eyelid once again for better double eyelid line.

The swelling after face contouring stayed on the double chin area, but after accu lifting, it was all gone! And I have brighter eyes with ptosis correction!


I had U line after face contouring surgery, but became V line after Accu-lifting procedure. The surgery performed area gets hard at first and turns to have lifting effect as it gets softer. So Excited!!



The advantages of Accu-lifting are it is simple, almost no pain, and fast recovery time~ it only took me about a week to recover from the procedure and eyelid surgery.




 I¡¯m growing my hair long to have straight long hair. I couldn¡¯t grow my hair long because I had long face, but since I don¡¯t have long face anymore, I was recommended to grow my hair long~ 




 6 months after the surgery




My eyes look brighter, face looks way smaller, and have smoother face line which is very satisfying result for me.

Before the surgery, I was nervous, and worried about the surgery, but the surgery result has been a success, that I want to see my face in the mirror 24/7 !! >_<




As I visited Banobagi for post operative treatments and check-ups, the surgeons and staffs has been always kind and treated me so well that made me feel the good job choosing Banobagi for my surgery.


Thank you once again !! 




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