Latte’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Hello Everyone ~
I truly think my decision for surgery was one of the best decisions I made for my life. T.T
 I thank Banobagi for making my face pretty, and here is my real review ~ ^^


I have done Face contouring surgery for cheekbone, angled square jaw, and front chin, eyebag fat reposition, and nose surgery with implant insertion. 





Here is my front photo of before.. My side cheekbone was severely protruded unlike other who usually have cheekbone. This is one of the reasons for my decision for the surgery. Because of my side cheekbone protrusion, I looked mean and masculine.









7 days after the surgery


I visited the clinic to remove the stitches and splint on nose bridge. 

I could see the bruise after splint was removed. But the surgeon told me my swelling is subsiding well and there was no infection, so I was relived.

There was redness on chin area due to taping on chin after surgery, but it was the tape allergy caused by my weak and dry skin, not an infection which faded away the day after. For my weakened skin, I wore mask packs everyday~







2 weeks after the surgery


I took this photo when I went to the clinic for stitch removal. And also checked with the surgeon for my current condition and it was all good ^____^ But,,, it was stinging when stitch was removing from inside the mouth.. Bruise on my under eyes are almost gone now that I don¡¯t have to cover it with make-up. My nose was very hard on the first week, but it¡¯s getting softer. But I¡¯m still satisfied with the natural shape of it since I don¡¯t like dolly curved nose.. hehe







1 month after the surgery


My front shot taken after one month~ 

You know, I hear people I know saying my face got smaller very often. Actually my face wasn¡¯t that big, but because of the cheekbone, whenever I took the photo with friend, I always had to be in the back to look small which made me self-conscience. 

But now days, I am the one who is always in the front of the photos~~~^_________^







2 months after the surgery


How do you like my hair style? 

I would never thought of changing my hair style like this before the surgery, but I can just put my hair up, because I don¡¯t¡¯ have to cover my face line anymore! >_<

Sooooooo Impressive! ^^







3 months after the surgery


I actually did double eyelid surgery before face contouring surgery, but when I meet people who I haven¡¯t met for long time asks if I did my eyes again. Maybe it¡¯s because my face got slimmer and smaller, it relatively makes my eyes look bigger. I guess my eyes looked small due to my wide face before.. haha







4 months after the surgery


When I touch my jaw line, it is so smooth without any angled parts~~ I did my under eyebag fat repositioning together, and my dark circle got better than before, too!







18 weeks after the surgery


When I take the photo under the light when it¡¯s dark, you can clearly see my defined face contour line, hehe I have no problem doing everyday activities, and my nose is getting natural day by day, and numbness of front chin is gone now.







5 months after the surgery


As of now, I have no problem such as sounding when open the mouth wide, nor having difficulties when chewing food. When I was discharged at the clinic, they gave me face band to put on for few months, but I never wore it because I forgot.. haha but luckily, even without wearing the band, my skin and bone are well attached back together. I can¡¯t find any saggy parts on cheek, nor jaw line which is good~ 

As my swelling is still subsiding, it looks like I have done the fat grafting which makes my face look younger.







6 months after the surgery

I regret the time I spent to consider of getting surgery done, but in the other hand, very glad it wasn¡¯t that late. I heard so many things about the side effects, and when I visited Banobagi, I fully understood the explanation by the consultant. As time passed and it is now been over six months, I am now enjoying my life with satisfying look of new me. My personality became confident and positive after surgery, too!

Thank you so much Banobagi Clinic for fantastic job for me <333









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