Meuw’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Ms.Charming¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review

(Two Jaw, Nose, and Eye Surgery) 








You can call me Charming~ ^^

I was self-conscience about my jutting chin and malocclusion.



I had slanted eye shape and developed Cheekbone with jutting chin which made my image ¡®mean, and masculine¡¯. When I eat something or yawn, my jaw joint made a sound.. 

With these stress, I decided to get the Two Jaw surgery done.




This is me before the plastic surgery!




 On the day of the surgery



I did medical checkups first, then got the surgery done. 


I swelled a lot and made me really worrisome, but nurses were so caring at the clinic 

and took care of me. I drank water, juice and soy milk from the second day.



6 days after the surgery


I went out with mask on this day. 

As time passes, swelling on lips are subsiding, and even with swelling, 


I can see that my jutting chin is gone¡¦





 8 days after the surgery



I went to the clinic~ I got massage as post-care treatment for face, 

and removed the stitches on cheekbone area. 


I started wearing face band. 

Cheekbone and jaw area was bit hurting at first, but I will get used to it~


2 weeks after the surgery


I went to the clinic to remove the stitches inside the mouth. 

I was a bit nervous, but it wasn¡¯t that hurting as much as I thought. 

Compare to the 6th day, it seem like more swelling has gone down.


3 weeks after the surgery


At home, I wore the face band, did hot towel massage, stretching, and went for a walk for swelling subsidence. I went to the clinic for a massaging and check-up and started wearing braces. And now, I started to practice smiling~ 




 1 month after the surgery



I practiced smiling and mouth opening regularly. 

The swellings are well subsiding. 

My mouth cannot be fully opened now, but I try to eat little things. 


The time will heal everything~






I went to the dental clinic and took off the rubbers that were tightening my teeth. 

Now, I can easily chew things~ 


40 days after the surgery


You can do everyday activity without masks on now~ 

I try not to eat hard food, but there are more thing I can eat than before. 

The swellings on my eyes are going down well, too!





Before/ 40 days after the surgery





50 days after the surgery


I still have swellings on my face 

that people ask whether I have done the fat grafting after two jaw surgery..


My friends told me that my face got really smaller than before^^

I can now eat many things~





2 months after the surgery 


The swellings seems to subside slower and slower.. T.T


I know that swelling will take time to subside. 

My jaw seems slimmer, and numbness is back to normal now. 


What I don¡¯t like the most is that my pronunciation is not good enough,, 

and still feel like swellings are on my face.





Before/ 3 months after


After 3 months, I can see the change of me. 

My image got softer than before and cutter and younger^^


I have no problem eating, and move my mouth ~







You can see the change from my profile~ 


I don¡¯t have jutting chin anymore~

No more malocclusion, jutting chin and jaw joint metters!!!


Before the surgery





 4 months after the surgery



Most of the swellings are gone now. 


My eyes look bigger, and minor swelling remains like a effect of fat grafting~ 


this cannot be shown through the photo, 

but my face got really smaller, that all the people I know, I meet, 

they talk about how much my face got smaller after surgery.. ^^;




5 months after the surgery


I can take off the braces next month^^


I followed the instruction and got treatments as post-care and the time passed this quick!! 

Doesn¡¯t my face look slimmer and good shape of my mouth?





Before/ 5 months after





 170 days after the surgery



For better result of my Tow jaw surgery, I got Accusculpt lifting, eyes and nose surgery~






 Few days after the second surgery



Splint is removed, and it not swelled as much as I thought! 

I got ptosis correction and nose surgery, and after the nose surgery my face looks more 3 dimensional with higher nose bridge with brighter eyes.


6 months after Two Jaw surgery / 18 days after nose, and eyes surgery


I took off the braces now ^^ 

Good bye and god riddance~~


There¡¯s not much swelling left, eh?


Two Jaw surgery swelling lasted pretty long, but nose and eyes seems less swelled. 



I love the front view of me, but as my jutting chin is gone and have higher nose bridge, 

I love my profile too! 


7 months after the surgery


I look more feminine than before, right~?


The masculine angled jaw and jutting chin is gone and now, 

I have smoother face line and eyes and nose surgery made me more feminine and refined.






 Before/ After







 8 months after the surgery



Very small face~~ compare to before, my face got really small! 

I take more selfies now after nose and eyes surgery^^


10 months after the surgery


Getting Accusculpt lifting, nose, ad eyes surgery was really good decision to me! 


A drastic change was made with Two jaw surgery,  

and dramatic change is made after additional surgery.


What I like about the most after surgery is that I am now confident about myself. 


And I love that surgery was a success!!



Before/ After         






 1 year after the surgery



The time goes really fast!!!!

I remember the days after two jaw surgery, I was worrying about the swellings on me.^^

I just love taking photos of me. I got pretty, and have baby face effect!! >_<







Naturalness was what I concern the most before the plastic surgery.hehe






If you are stressed of your appearance and suffer from functional matters like jutting chin, malocclusion, and jaw joints, I hope this story of me was helpful. 







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