Mimi’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


DongDong¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour + Nose surgery)



I had angled jaw line with protruded cheekbone,, and severe hump nose!!

It is more masculine than feminine face.


Due to big bone structure, my face was way far over from the ¡®egg shaped face¡¯.

This discouraged me so much and made me stressful.



Dreaming for high nose and slim egg shape face!

I decided to get plastic surgery done for my better future!




Before the surgery




 Day of the surgery


This is me lying on bed of recovery room after surgery.

Icepack was necessary to avoid swelling, so I had them on all the time. After the recovery, 

I moved to guest house right next to the clinic.




4 days after the surgery


I suffered from worst swelling on the 3rd day and removed the tape on chin. There is much swelling on cheek and jaw area with some bruise.. 

The pain wasn¡¯t noticeable after 4 days. 


1 week after the surgery


I went to get check-up at the clinic!


I got massages and also removed the stitches as post treatment~

Massage was so relieving!! It¡¯s already been a week, 

but major swellings subsided already. But as you can see,, there¡¯s bruises.. 

so I applied ointment for bruise which nurse gave it to me! 




10 days after the surgery


Lot of swelling subsided and jaw line is showing now. 

This feels so amazing!

Face band will make my face line more slimmer !!




 2 weeks after the surgery


I went to the clinic for 2nd massage which feels good again..^^


Most of the bruises are gone after applying the ointment clinic gave me.

Look at my nose,, humped nose is gone, and high straight nose is on me now.

So impressing T.T


I did not forget to practice mouth opening! 




20 days after the surgery


There is some swelling left, but my profile and front seems slimmer than before !




 1 month after the surgery


Wow,, time goes really fast!!T.T


Swelling on the cheekbone has come down to jaw which makes my face a bit awkward, but not a problem doing everyday activity!





40 days after the surgery


I can wear make-ups now~

Most swelling subsided and it looks more natural~

I smile naturally now~ 




Comparison of before / after





 2 months after the surgery


I can open my mouth wide as I can have burgers >_<

It is more slimmer without swelling~


People around me saying I lore more girly than before and prettier~

I am amazed how much my face structure changed, and smaller!




 10 weeks after the surgery


It¡¯s getting natural day by day!

I can open my mouth wide with no problem and love spending time to take selfies~




 Before/ after






 3 months after the surgery


¡®you look so feminine¡¯, ¡®your face is so small¡¯, ¡®how did you get so pretty¡¯

These are the comments I hear all the time these day.

As my nose is settled an swelling subsided, people compliment me for pretty nose ^^


Before / after


Went to check-up at the clinic on the 3rd month and decided to get Accusculpt lifting~ 


On the day of surgery for Accusculpting


The surgeon said he would like to make slight adjustment of my nose, so I did nose surgery again for prettier nose shape~ 






This is me right after the surgery.

I am not swelled as much as first time even with nose surgery.




Its been already 2 weeks after the surgery~ and I don¡¯t have much swelling from Accusculpting that I have no problem doing everyday activity! 




4 months after the surgery


Its been about 1 month since my accusulpt and nose revision.

Swelling from surgery subsided all already and now I have natural nose shape~ 




 Before/ after


5 months after the surgery


Wow, time flies!! Really !!

It seems like minor swelling subsided all already and natural, right?

This face shape is what I wanted. ¡®egg shaped face¡¯ T.T




As my face got slimmer and smaller, my image dramatically changed. You cannot find any masculine image from me, right?!!!! Hehe


Any kind of hair style looks good on me now~~




6 months after the surgery


Its been already half of year past since my plastic surgery!!



I cannot find swelling from anywhere, have no problem opening my mouth, well placed eyes, and nose. Other than people who knows I got the surgery done, people do not notice my plastic surgery history..



How amazing is this!?! Changed to be pretty, but naturally!!! 



Severe hump, and developed cheekbone with square jaw, now I am away from those masculine look and achieved the dream face with confidence!! 





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