Mr. Mint’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Mr. Mint¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour + eyes + nose)




My complex was masculine face with slanted eyes which made me look sharp and mean.

There was always misunderstanding due to my image which made me unfair.. 






So I tried to smile a lot and practiced to make my eyes softer, but there was no improvement. Therefore, I decided to get the plastic surgery done for enhancement.


I was recommended to get the surgery done at Banobagi by my friend 

who previously done the surgery at the clinic.


When I went for consultation to consult with the surgeon, 

They were so clear and knew what I had in mind and talked about my matters objectively and suggested surgeries that were only necessary to me.






In overall, I will be improved to achieve more symmetric face structure, 

and correct protruded cheekbone, long chin, square jaw, hooked nose, and wide nostrils 

for harmonious face.


I have done the face contouring surgery + nose + eyes. 

Face contouring surgery was done by Dr.Oh, and eyes and nose by Dr. Kim.


And,, Here we go ~~


This is my recovery since day 1 after surgery to 1 week after surgery.

Until 3rd day after surgery, it was really hassle,,

I had to gargle every time, and do ice-pack massage,,





 3~4 days after plastic surgery



I was instructed to do ice-pack massage for first 4 days 

and change to do warm towel massage. 


However, I had hot flush for a bit longer, 

so I did more of ice-pack massage for few more days. 


I guess instruction depends by your condition 

because condition of patient differs by patients.


I read all the reviews of other patients who got face contouring done, 

so it wasn¡¯t that difficult to me.  




 7 days after plastic surgery



I went to the clinic for dressing and treatment and massage. 

It was my first time in life getting massage done, and wow..


I couldn¡¯t wash up cleanly after surgery, but for massaging, 

the staff took the tape off of my nose, did the peeling, massaging, and mask packs,, 


it was overwhelming moment for me.



After then, the nurse removed the stitches of nose, 

and it was my first time seeing real nose after surgery without anything on it.


I had hump but it is shaved smoothly, and nose got higher naturally.


The nurse gave the face band and I started wearing them when I got back home. 

I also tried to take a walk more than before. After about 2 weeks, 

there was no more difficulties in breathing with nose.  





10 days after the plastic surgery 


I washed my hair 10 days after the surgery¡¦.. hahahaha

It felt really refreshing and clean¡¦..





The one that is on my nose in the photo is like a protector to be used at home 

and when I sleep. With this, I feel safer when I sleep ^^





 2 weeks after the plastic surgery



I sudden had hot flush, or pain during 1-2 weeks after the surgery, 

but it all went away with stiff feeling on jaw line.


I heard that taking a walk is the best for blood circulation and swelling subsidence, 

so I regularly took a walk A LOT¡¦


3 weeks after the plastic surgery


You can go out and do every day activity by this time, so I went out and met friends. 


My friends saw my face for the first time after surgery, 

and when I took off the mask in front of them,,, 

they were impressed.


Impressed of naturalness, but different appearance. ^__^


I lost 4 kgs after surgery. About 3 weeks, you can eat many things, 

so I started to eat lot of thing except for hard and chewy food. 






I tried to act cute on this pix, hehe


Before the surgery, my friends called me the god of photoshop..  

I enlarged my eyes, reduced the cheekbone, and made nose bridge higher,, 

when the new photo was made, I deleted the old one and pretended like photoshop one is the original.


But I don¡¯t have to do that anymore. So HAPPY..






 1 month after the plastic surgery



 About a month after, the swelling subsides dramatically, 

I guess taking a walk was helpful^^


I wore the face band regularly for about 3 hours every day. 

The sensation of chin came back to normal, when I had meat.. oh my god¡¦ 

that melted in my mouth¡¦


When I wake up every morning, there is swelling, 

but my mom like my morning face with swelling because I look younger.^^






Before the surgery/ After the surgery


For my nose before the surgery, I had hump and wide nostrils. 

But after the surgery, the hump is gone, and nostrils got thinner.


My aunt compliment me about how my eyes got naturally better!! 

So I recommend her the ¡®ptosis correction¡¯.hahaha






 2-3 months after the plastic surgery


You are back to your normal life 2 months after the surgery. 

You can basically eat anything you want now.


When I take the photos with my friends, they go behind me now.. 

my face got smaller, and they complaint about their face looking big with me. ^^


I got a habit talking selfies whenever I have cellphone on my hand now.. 





4 months after the plastic surgery


People who I haven¡¯t met for long time says I changed a lot in a good way.. 

you know, when I hear this kind of compliments, I feel sooooooooo happy!!!!!


And they also says they couldn¡¯t notice if I didn¡¯t say anything about the surgery.

This is what I wanted¡¦ 

have good looking face,, with naturalness¡¦.!!!!





 5 months after the plastic surgery



There are a lot of changes after surgery especially for my eyes. I always faced in false position due to my slanted eyes looking mad and angry. After the surgery, my eyes gave softer look on my image, which give me confident to look at people¡¯s eyes.






6 months after the plastic surgery





 Before the plastic surgery



For me, I was self-discouraged due to my sharp image 

and by meeting Banobagi, everything changed.


I sincerely thank Dr.Oh, Dr.Kim, and Banobagi staffs 

who took care of me from beginning to the end. 





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