Mr.Yoo’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Mr.Yoo¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Two Jaw + Face contouring + Rhinoplasty)



I had severe face asymmetry since young. 

The length of jaws on each side is different, 

and side of the bone on cheekbone was different, too.



Not only for appearance, 

but Two jaw surgery was necessary surgery for me due to functional reason, too. 


So I chose Banobagi, well known plastic surgery which considers safety as first priority.




I was relieved that Banobagi is the Plastic Surgery Clinic with Dental Clinic, and surgeons have numerous experiences with two jaw surgeries. 


Moreover, the staffs, and nurses were so caring and kind that they listen carefully about what I say, and explain in detail for me to understand.


I got Pre-orthodontic Treatment + Two jaw surgery + face contouring + 

rhinoplasty at


Pre-orthodontic treatment was done for 6 months before my two jaw surgery 

and rhinoplasty was done 6 months after the two jaw surgery.







The day after Two jaw + face contour surgery



I usually suffer patiently about the pain. 

I was a soccer player and got several surgeries done by accident, so I wasn¡¯t that nervous.


Also there was many ways such as epidural for pain, 

painkiller, ice-pack massages, etc. to fell less pain, so I was okay.


I was discharged and did ice-packs at home all the time.


It is the ice-pack under my jaw,

I was instructed to keep doing the ice-pack massage until I feel no heat or swelling on face.






3 weeks after Two jaw + face contour surgery



I had long face which I always had to cover with hair bangs.

For the first time in 24 years of my life!!!

I still look a bit chubby, but that was pretty refreshing!!


I though I will take all the rubber out inside my mouth 3 weeks after, 

but I was told to keep it until 1 month..

But screw inside to hang the rubber was taken off, and rubber is now tied in between the braces, so I can open my mouth wider than before.






4 weeks after Two jaw + face contour surgery



It¡¯s already been 4 weeks after two jaw surgery

No more mold in the mouth! Only rubbers~~~


I have sty on my eyes and got sinus infection which makes me hard to breathe, but it is happy to see myself changing!


I was afraid that my sensation will never be back to normal, swelling will not subside, and sinus infection occurrence. But the surgeon was so nice that he explained about my condition in a  calm and orderly way with gentle manner, I could be patient.

You need to exercise, massage well, and manage yourself for recovery!!






8 weeks after Two jaw + face contour surgery



I went to the water amusement park!

I never took a photo of me even when I travel other place with friends.


I lonely took back ground photos,, 

but here I am taking photos in front of the backgrounds.. T.T

My face got REALLY small.


Wherever I go, I hear people complimenting my look more than saying hello. ^^

I never thought this will happen to me!!







12 weeks after Two jaw + face contour surgery



These days, I¡¯m busy with eating delicious food !

Snacks, ice creams, drinks and all !

Since I lost so much weight, I eat without worrying to gain weight, 

and I eat basically everything, it is happy time for me!

I always put my hair up!






16 weeks after Two jaw + face contour surgery



I don¡¯t know since when, but from some time, my hair is always up.

I liked to put my hair down before the surgery.

Maybe it¡¯s because I wanted to hide my long face with hair at least.


I feel weird if I don¡¯t put my hair up because my face is so small now. Haha

It may seems just a little change to someone, 

but it is dramatic change in many ways for me.


I can be confident at anywhere and anytime, which is the best change for me ^^







Before/ 20 weeks after Two jaw + face contour surgery



I took the braces off and the teeth are very white and straight!!

I keep saying EEEEH~~~ when I take the photos to show off my straight teeth! >_<

I had long hair with malocclusion before, and now, my face is small and asymmetry is gone!







7 months after Two jaw + face contour / 1months after nose surgery



After 6 months, I got rhinoplasty done as you can notice by looking at my front photo, my nostrils are less visible. There was saying that less visible nostril will bring luck,,

I hope I can have good lucks now~

Any kind of hair style is possible now, that I having fun changing my hairstyle~







9 months after Two jaw + face contour / 3 months after nose surgery



It seems like my balance is a bit asymmetric, so I plan to inject fat on front chin.

My nose swelling is now all gone, and settled well.

I had flat and upturned nose before, and it is sharp now^^

Smaller face with defined nose, my overall face is refined !







10 months after Two jaw + face contour / 4 months after nose surgery



Wow, 10 months passed already since Two Jaw surgery!

Don¡¯t I look a little younger from fat injection? Haha

I love my nose and someone says ¡®noseshape is everything for men¡¯

I have a bit of difficulty in breathing, but the surgeon will fix that for me, so I will visit the clinic tomorrow~






11 months after Two jaw + face contour / 5 months after nose surgery





Before the surgery



It seems like my face is so small that I look wired when I cover my forehead.^^

By comparing with before, my chin is completely improved.

I had malocclusion, asymmetry, and nose was curved and blunt..

Now I have balanced small face with defined nose ^^






12 months after Two jaw + face contour / 6 months after nose surgery



1 year since Two jaw surgery!!!

I thank Banobagi surgeons and staffs for helping me to find my confident !

Thank you very very much!!


I hope my review will be helpful for many people.

People who are considering about two jaw surgery due to functional or aesthetic reasons, I suggest BANOBAGI Plastic Surgery Clinic!



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