MYO’s Plastic Surgery Real Review.


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MYO’s Plastic Surgery Real Review.
(ASO+Angle Reduction+Genioplasty)




Hello Everyone~This is Myo!

It’s been half a year since I got a big surgery. Ofcourse I’m happy now for my face and after the surgery, I have experienced many precious moments that I would never have dreamed of before!

Let’s talk about my journey for being the beauty. Please stay tuned!




It’s been a while I was thinking about getting a surgery to fix my jaw and my teeth but i was scared about the idea to have my bones being touched. After a long reflexion, I decided to go on this journey with banobagi.

  One of the main reasons why I decided to go for was to watch other reviews of banobagi’s patients. And the other was, actually the time I got my first appointment with the doctors. Plastic surgery doctor and dental doctor explained to me very clearly what they want to do and show me the real cases to identify myself with. Thanks to those details I was about to be more secure about to get this surgery. 






When I woke up, I was totally fine. I didn’t feel any pain. It just felt uncomfortable as I am not be able to move my mouth the way I wanted but actually I get used to it very quickly. 
The doctor said that my surgery went well.
My face wasn’t that swollen on the first day. It starting to swollen on the second day. I didn’t have any bruises on my face. And the swollen part was only my cheeks on my nose. My right cheek seems to be less swollen than my left one. My nose was stuck all 2 hours but I still could breath . 

For my daily routine, it wasn’t that complicated. I tried to sleep at least two hours when I could. Wash my mouth every two hours and watch tv. I was going to the bathroom 3 -4 times a day at least and try to move a little bit in my room. 

On the third day after the surgery, I was slowly be able to move my lips a little bit. When I do look at myself in the mirror I don’t see a very big change except that my skin was getting more soft around my ears and on my cheeks. 





This is a month after the surgery! I had my 4th check up to the clinic. I went there and they finally took my wafer and the rubber band out. They washed my mouth. I was curious to know how much I could use mouth and jaw muscle to eat and talk. Speaking was clearly easier after my wafer was taken out. In the case of chewing, it was okay, I didn’t felt any pain or discomfort. I just stayed at home and did some pronunciation exercises as the doctors remembered me to do it.






3 months already flew away from the day I had the surgery. I feel nice and prettier than before. I actually wasn’t expected that much impact on my personal feelings and my mindset but it did. I can feel that I’m less insecure. My face is way more define than 2 months ago; I can see it on pictures. A lot of people told me that I got prettier and they my face is small. But they don’t really notice that my face change which is funny. It’s mean that the result is natural. 






See my before and after! My protruded mouth goes backward I !

My lips wouldn’t close properly because of my protruding mouth.

I wasn’t confident because of Gummy smile, but now I could make my face with truly various expressions. This helps me a lot to work as a model!

Thanks Banobagi! They give me a chance to take a step closer to my dream! 


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