NaNa’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Berry Berry’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Two Jaw + Face contour surgery)





A year changed my whole life..!!!

My story of overcoming Jutting Chin with Two Jaw surgery!


It’s been already 1 year since my two jaw surgery~

Here is my story I would like to share with you all^^







This is me before the surgery!!


I had over developed jaw and had complex with it

and decided to get surgery done to get rid of it!




It wasn’t easy decision to make, of course, but I trusted the surgeon, so I went for it!!









5 days after two jaw surgery

I had asymmetry and my right side was bit bigger than left side~


Well maybe this made my swelling asymmetrical after surgery~

But by this time, all I had to do was to massage well with cold packs!!^^


And then I started to massage with warm towel instead of cold massage.

And I couldn’t eat well, so I drank juice or soy bean milk instead.


It was a bit uncomfortable because I had rubber band tying my teeth.


But as I went for regular check-ups,

I got face peeling, ultrasound, cooling pack treatments and more~~


it was so refreshing~ !!







About 2 weeks after~


I removed the stitches!!

I went out for walk because I heard taking walk helps on swelling subsidence.


Time will heal everything, right?

When I take the photo after taking a walk I look deswelled.








1 month after surgery!!


I can now eat things~

I had to chop it and take it slow..


As my swelling subsides,

I went out to meet a friend and stranger asked for my number because I was his style! >_<

(Yes, I said this to make you guys jealous!!)



Numbness feeling is coming back to normal now~











After 2 months~

My swelling subsided a lot, right??!

I do have some minor swelling, still.

I think I gained weight because I ate too well!! Haha









As time goes, after 3 month, I can open my mouth this wide now~~











I did liposuction on face for slimmer faceline~

You may not feel the difference by the photos, but I got really better!!









I did liposuction on face for slimmer faceline~

You may not feel the difference by the photos, but I got really better!!









5 months after..

I never imagined myself taking profile photos..

I love my profile now !

I just tied up my hair and it still looks stylish!









6 months after~

I perm my hair for the first time after surgery~

As I look younger than before the surgery, I found more interest in styling and buy many things such as make-up kit and also clothes~


The stylist at the hair salon complimented me saying I look like a ‘doll’!!

I’m not kidding!!>_<

I have a bit of tender feeling on jaw line, but not that sever to concern about~











288 days passed already~~

Can you see my sharp jaw line?

I fell like the skin and jaw is now well stuck back together~

It is true that time will take swelling away~~ ^^









Wow, 1 year passes already!

When I found my before surgery photo, I don’t remember the life I lived with the face..

That tells how much I am satisfied with my face now!!!


For those of you who still concerns about surgery,

Here is what I want to say.

Get it done when you are young!!









I achieved what I dreamed of after surgery!!

Here, you can see the complete difference with comparison, right?


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