Pairi’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Daong’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour + Eyelid + Nose Surgery)




-Before / After-


I had masculine face shape due to protruded cheekbone and square jawline.

I tried botox and injection to make my face smoother, but it didn’t work.


Also my nose was blunt and curved with dull looking eyes even with big eyes.

So I also wanted to correct my nose, and have clear double eyelid line.


Therefore, I decided for surgery and I chose Banobagi for my change as it is well known for safe and natural result after plastic surgery.


And I am fully satisfied with the result as 6 months passed.







-1 day after-



My face is banded with hemovac tubes on mouth..

I also had icepacks all over my face.


Icepack is very very important as it relieves not only pain,

but also swelling from the surgery.

So try to change to cold icepacks every time for faster recovery!








-2 days after-



I came home from the clinic and I wasn’t swelling too much this day.

But I know 3rd or 4th day, I will be swelled very much…









-3 days after-



This is after tearing off the tape on jawline.


I do have much swelling, but compare to before surgery,

I don’t have cheekbone and I can see that my square jaw

and front chin is reduced even with swelling.


I am so happy!!!








-8 days after-



I removed the splint on nose and it was first time seeing my new nose.


I have some swelling on nose, but glad to see my nose without too much bruising,

And I told the surgeon before surgery that I do not want to have upturned nose

and guess what?


It turned out just like I wanted!!

Thank you Dr. Kim HakYoung!!

He created ‘perfect nose’ for me ????????









-10 days after-



I finally have actual meal from this date,

I only had pumpkin soup and soybean mil for past days after surgery,

And my special meal today was the cheese cake and cold noodles!!


I wear face band regularly and getting used to everyday lives.







-13 days after-



I went out driving for the first time after surgery^^

I stayed home for long after surgery, so wanted to feel the fresh air ^^


I had so much fun with my mom and had good food with my relatives.

If I wear the mask to cover the jawline, no one know about my surgery history.

And I wore the sunglasses for the first time after nose job!

What I felt from wearing sunglasses is that face contouring surgery DOES make face smaller.

The sunglasses were big!!








-16 days after-



I had Pho today!!

I love noodles and it was so delicious!

It’s been almost 3 weeks and I hope the swelling will subside 1 month after~

I can go out with no problem these days~







-20 days after-



I can smile now and move my mouth more easily~

The bruise from eyelid is gone now and the line is becoming more natural day by day.

What I love the most after surgery is,, my profile!!

OMG I LOVE my profile with beautiful nose line and faceline!!

My family and friends compliment me for my faceline!!








-Before & after one month-


It seems like I have change made in my forehead!

I never grow bangs since I was 14, and now, I thinking of having bangs because I love my face shape and feels like it will look good on me!


Can you see my major swelling subsidence?

I didn’t realize that I had much swellin gon eyes not nose,

but I can see deswelling on those areas which is good!


I heard that swelling subsides slowly from 1st month, to 3rd month, 6thmonth and 1year.

Can’t wait to see how I will change!







-47days after-



I still have some minor swellings, right?

I took a selfie yesterday, and I looked so good!

But not today I guess… T.T


I practice mouth opening everyday~

It is summer, and it’s very hot to do warm towel massage,

but I have fan that can cool me, so no worries~








-54 days after-





For those of you who worries about the scarring or unnatural double eyelid line,

Can you see my line is very natural with non-incision method?


I was satisfied with the result, but when I take selfies,

cannot be satisfied more than ever!

It does not have scar!!!!







-59 days after surgery-




I was instructed that I can wear make-ups from 3 weeks after surgery,

but I was being careful and was not so into it,

so I didn’t wear make-ups for long time,

and today, I went out to meet friends, so I wore the make-ups!


I can see that I have minor swelling left, but it will go away naturally, so I should be patient!


Before the surgery,

I couldn’t even though of wearing hair band because it makes my face bigger,

but now, it doesn’t!!



I can open my mouth easily now than before,

and happy to see myself recovering well ^^







-84 days after surgery-



I can open my mouth easily b practicing regularly,

and so I can sing well too!!

I’m so happy!


But since I’m wearing braces, my pronunciation is not clear,

so I try to correct it with singing~








-94 days after-




Can you see how much swelling subsided?!!

I get happy when I wear make-ups~

I get to eat regular meals from 1 -2 months after and that make me gain weight ,,






-97 days-



I had masculine image with protruded face structures.

But now, I have such smooth faceline!

I love my front, and side face, actually from any angles!!


I look naturally prettier that my friends even say they cannot tell that I had eyelid surgery done as I have so natural double eyelid line without scar!







-104 days after-





My eyes and nose is so naturally done which I LOVE the most!!!!

Face contouring is just so amazing..


I love taking not only selfies, but also all the photos taken from others

because I look good in every angle!!


Thank you so much Banobagi Surgeons T.T







-125 days after-



I have new habit after surgery, which is make-ups.

As I got prettier,

I want to make myself more prettier and wear the make-ups

which I never wore before the surgery.


Except I go work out, I wear the make-ups everywhere!


My friends and family are happy to see my change in not only appearance,

but also my personality!






-150 days after surgery-



My friends compliment me that my face got so small and look better in the photo

with clear eyes and higher nose!


Masculine face structure to feminine face line!


As 6 months passed,

I get compliments about my faceline being perfectly egg shape,

and also look younger!!!!



Dr. Oh ChangHyun and Dr. Kim Hakyoung are the two names I will never forget for my life.

I thank them sincerely for giving me a new life to live!!


What I love the most from getting surgery done at Banobagi is naturalness.

Even my friends who got plastic surgery done at other clinics

envy me about having natural result!


Thank you BANOBAGI <3


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