Peanut’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Yungji’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour + Forehead implant+ Nostril reduction surgery)



Hello, ths is Yungji and I have done the face contouring surgery 6 months ago.

The time passed so fast! As I got prettier after surgery,

I am more confident about myself living in life now!!


So here we go with all the reviews of my plastic surgery history~









Before the plastic surgery



Sorry If my before photo surprised you..


Blunt nose, flat forehead, well developed side cheekbone…

Overall, I had dull and round face shape which made me self-discouraged.

I also hated the buccal fat which made me look like I am angry at something.





So I decided to get the surgery done at Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic!!





Right after the plastic surgery



I took this selfie when I was in the recovery room after surgery.

I don’t even know how I took this photo!


I didn’t feel much pain, but I was waking up from anesthesia,

and the nurse instructed me to inhale and exhale to exhale the anesthesia gas.


This made me thirsty, but couldn’t drink for a while after surgery

which was most difficult time as I remember.


I was discharged the day after the surgery and recovered at home.





3 days after the plastic surgery



Before this date, the swelling was the worst, but in this photo, the swelling subsided a little.

I called the clinic to make sure, and tore off the tape on my face carefully.

This was more relieving.


From this time, it is time to struggle with swelling.


I did warm towel massage, gargled well, took the medicine regularly

and try to follow all the instruction as informed.





5 days after the plastic surgery



I don’t know when to take the tape off on my forehead area,, so I left it like that,, hehe

I sometime feel stinging, but it wasn’t a huge bother to me.


7 days after the plastic surgery



Taking a walk will help a lot for swelling subsidence, so I took a walk with my puppy.

Can you see the change day by day??


I removed the stitches and got massage done at the clinic as post-care.

That felt really good….





14 days after the plastic surgery



I went to school 7 days after the surgery, but there wasn’t much difficulties!


Even at school, I wore the face band regularly, and it really helped!


2 weeks after the surgery I went to the clinic and removed the stitches inside my mouth

and also stitch on my forehead!

But,, stitch removal inside the mouth was soooooo much painful T.T

I almost cried!!!!


I know it sounds funny how I got this major surgery done,

but cried for stitch removal.. haha



16 days after the plastic surgery



Here is me wearing face band at school!


When I first wore the face band, it was bit painful and irritating,,,

but I think I got used to it.. haha


21 days after the plastic surgery



I still have some swelling, but as far as I think, I look much better than before ^^;


As I took so much photos and upload them in the SNS, friends who I haven’t chat for long time messaged me for changed appearance saying I look pretty!


I don’t eat hard food, but soft foods for now such as soft tofu, and udon noodles~~

but I’m happy that I get to eat more food as I recover ^^





30 days after the plastic surgery



It’s been 1 month already and I went for the check-up at the clinic.

My face contour is more defined, and the staff in the clinic compliment me for my good looking due to well management after surgery^^





50 days after the plastic surgery



I practice mouth opening regularly, and now I can eat meat!


I take numerous selfies these days, and there is one thing I can clearly notice.

By the profile, I can notice that the square jaw is gone, and at first, my forehead is too flat, but as time goes, it has more volume and looks smooth.


I still have some swelling sometimes, and sometimes not,

but I get to forget to manage myself like after surgery.





60 days after the plastic surgery



The swelling differs in the morning time and night time.

My swelling is the worst in the morning time, as you can see the photo.


I never wore the cap, but now I can wear them and they actually look good on me~~





90 days after the plastic surgery



I went for a walk with my puppy, and can you see my slimmer face line~~!?


While I was taking a walk, I loved my face and stopped to take selfies..haha


And now, I am more interested to styles as I am still finding the best style on me.


I found confidence after surgery which makes me try different styles!





I took this weird photos when I was hving fun with my friend ! lol


I met my boyfriend after surgery and take this kind of photos with no hostility now.


I even look pretty in that photo, no?! haha





Do not forget my before photo,,,


I look so much different, eh?




And I additionally got surgery for forehead and buccal fat removal again.


I went for a check up with the surgeon and suggested for forehead fat grafting with double chin removal surgery.







After this additional surgery, I regularly took the medicine as post care, and 3 days after, looks like my swellings are totally gone already!


I love my forehead from the profile as it has more volume and looks 3 dimensional!





120 days after the plastic surgery



You know,, I think I’m addicted to taking selfies…

I try different pose and take the selfies,, haha


People I know say they are surprised to see my new personality after surgery.

I am happier than ever with no complex of my appearance~




150 days after the plastic surgery



I don’t need to do photoshop to have the best selfies.


People say good things about my appearance that I look prettier~~

I understand why people get the surgery done to become more pretty.


Compliments make me happy!!


180 days after the plastic surgery



It’s been already 6 months after the plastic surgery.

I heard that minor swelling will subside even after 6 months.

I should manage myself well to have better looking, right??


After getting face contouring surgery at Banobagi clinic,

a lot of things changed in my life.


I found new happiness and enjoying my life with confidence

and also found how to love others who care for me.







I thank Banobagi to have opportunity to reborn to live a new life!!


For those of you who have complex, visit Banobagi to find your confidence like ME *^^*






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Yungji’s Plastic Surgery Real Review (Double Jaw for Mouth Protrusion + Face contouring Surgery)

Yungji’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Double Jaw for Mouth Protrusion + Face contouring Surgery)



Compare to other people,

my face is relatively long, and cheekbone is protruded.


Also I have hallow cheek with angled square jaw..


Protruded mouth also made smile line more sunken.

Due to this face shape, I looked older than my age,


I was always depressed due to low self-esteem.


But after I found Banobagi, I decided to get the surgery done!^^

And I’m living happy life these days~







I don’t want to see my before photos..

Angled jaw and protruded mouth made my image sharp and look angry.

And too masculine!!!






3 days after the surgery~

I lied on operation bed, and don’t remember anything from then.

I woke up in the recovery room!!!

I have rhinitis which made me hard to breathe after surgery.

But I was getting painless IV, so I didn’t feel much pain.


I realized three things after surgery!


1. Carefully read the plastic surgery reviews

2. Manage yourself well before the surgery

3. Eat much food you like before the surgery!!!!








A week passed after surgery~

I went to the clnic and for peeling massage and cooling mask treatment~

Also, I got deswelling injection!!


And face band is what I got from them!!!


The purpose of face band is for settlement of cheekbone after surgery~

And of course, swelling subsidence~


I had to massage with ice-packs for about a week,

but changed to warm massage from today!







I can just take the photos in any angle,

I look good on any photos!! >.<


Never thought this day will come!

I also hear people complimenting about my face

how I look younger than my age~!


I want to chew some meat!!!!







I drank with male friends for the first time,

And they all complement me saying I look pretty! Wow!!


As my face gets smaller, my eyes look bigger and nose look higher^^








I try to practice opening my mouth,

And I works, so it is not possible to do regular practice. T.T

I can put two fingers in now, like the photos.^^






My sensation was pretty normal from right after surgery!

Except for front chin and right cheek area.


After about 2 weeks, the sensation came all back to normal^^



Remaining numbness will turn back to normal within 2-3 months~


I did worry about numbness after surgery, what if I cannot feel anything after surgery,


But with Dr,Oh at Banobagi,

You do not have to worry about it! ^^







By comparing the before and after shows clearly how much I changed!!

I look like a different person, right?



One month after protruded mouth double jaw surgery and

face contouring surgery story is about the same.


My swelling subsided a lot!






I covered my faceline with hair all the time before the surgery,

but I tie my hair easily these days~


I met my friends and they were so surprised to see how small my face became!

I feet amazing!! >o<






I cut my bangs~

I look younger with bangs~~

As I am wearing braces, the teeth look straighter than before!

I can eat basically anything these days~

Also, I didn’t look good on hats, but I wear them often these days~^^*







I am reaching age 30 soon,,!

But I want to live like I am in 20s after surgery~~







Feminine style didn’t fit me before the surgery,

So I cut my hair short all the time~

But now, I look good on any hair style^^






3rd week/fist month/second month/third month



fourth month/fifth month/sixth month/seventh month

eighth month /ninth month /1 Year After!!


I summarized my 1 year recovery with photos every month^^


M swelling wasn’t bad, and recovered pretty fast!


I chose Banobagi after long consideration and trusted the clinic^^


I’m so thankful for Banobagi <3


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