Purry’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Jinkyung’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contouring+ paranasal implant +
forehead lift + rhinoplasty)


Before / After 6 months


This is my before and after photo.

It is taken in same angle, and a lot has changed.


I never heard that I’m pretty, but handsome due to my masculine face structures.

I hated my big face, and also developed face contour made me look older than my age.

Huge square jaw made my nose look flatter than it is.


It is not a simple surgery, but I was keep losing my self-esteem, so I decided to get the surgery done and visited Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic.


At Banobagi, I have done the face contouring for cheekbone, jawline, and front chin, paranasal implant, and forehead lift with rhinoplasty.









4 days after






7 days after



I got so nervous before the surgery,

But it wasn’t that painful as much as I thought.

I did have difficulties right after of course, but I slept wells, and it was okay ^^

The nurses in the clinic were so kind and caring with techniques to take care of me~


I couldn’t wash my hair for 3 days and it was so itchy.

I asked the nurse, and she said if I careful not to touch or wet the incision area, it is okay, so I washed it very very carefully.

So refreshing !!


You cannot feel inside the mouth for about 3 days and cannot brush teeth, so I only drank milk, and soy bean milk.

After 4 day, I could eat soup and congee,


As I eat, I had energy to take a walk, so took a walk 2 hours day for deswelling.

It helped a lot on my swelling subsidence!







8 days/ 9 days/ 10 days/ 11 days






12 days/ 13 days/ 14days/ before surgery ><



My change for 2 weeks.


I went for dressing and treatment at a clinic 1 week after surgery

and got facial massage done. the massage was sooooooo good T.T


I also met surgeon for a check-up.

I did cold and warm towel massage almost 24/7 alternately.

Gargle every 2 hours, face banding 4 times in an hour.

Take prescribed pills on time.



I think my swelling gone down pretty fast because I took a walk for 2 hours everyday.

Swelling went down more and more day by day and nose swelling subsided and others complimented me saying my nose look pretty ^^






Stitch-out was done 2 weeks after



I wore face bands regularly.

Now I have to manage myself well by exercising and wearing face bands.







Before/ 3 weeks after



It’s been only 3 weeks and as you can see from the photo, it looks totally different.

The surgery was done to correct my flaws, which was amazing.


I read so many reviews before the surgery that it is so painful,

or they regret the surgery..

But for me, I don’t know it is because I got it done at Banobagi,

it didn’t hurt much, nor regretful.


I could talk well after surgery, and went back to work 1 week after.

It was really okay.


The recovery differs by patients, but for me,

I think I was the one who had short down time.


I did follow the instructions of course ^^







Before/ After 6 weeks



I went for a regular check-up with the surgeon.

I also took CT again for comparison.


I didn’t wear much make-up before, but as I change to be more feminine,

I try to wear make-ups more than before.

And I am more interested in fashion and styling.


As I hear compliments after surgery, to achieve the best result,

I started to lose weight.




8 weeks after



The time flies after some time~

As 2 months passed, I can open my mouth wide, no problem in jaw or chin area.

I felt a bit awkward about my change at first, but I got used to it and sometimes forget that I got surgeries done.^^






Before/ After 8 weeks



I had no difficulties like others who had surgery done.

I like people complimenting my appearance,

that I wanted to meet new people more than before~


My personality became more positive and active, too!

I should have get the surgery done sooner!







3 months after with good feeling of my change!



By taking photos everyday, the change is more noticeable.

My face contour is more refined on 3rd month than 2nd month after surgery.


I was told that minor swelling will subside until 6th month and I think it is true~

My nose is more defined!






Before/ After 3 months



I took the selfie with same pose before the surgery

It has been only 3 months and look at the change…..WOW

Face got much smaller and younger than before~






Before/ After 5 months



I had asymmetry which was noticeable at front view,

Also had masculine faceline with developed face contour.

Also my mouth look protruded too.


It’s been 5 months and who will say I have manly look??

The dramatic change will be the jaw line, but I love how nose is done naturally.

I look much more feminine than before!


I didn’t do my eyes, but with forehead lifting, my eyes look brighter than before!







Before/ After 6 months



Everything is so natural as time passes.

I take selfies anytime, at anywhere, in any angle, and it looks good.


As it was surgery, I did worry about pain, difficulties, and side effects,

But not with Banobagi!

I never faced difficulties at all!


Banobagi is a huge clinic with anesthesiologist, professional surgeons, and nurses for patients’ safety.


I didn’t have saggy skins after face contouring either !

It is done safely and clearly!

I looked older than my age before, but now I look younger !

I think the surgery brought me the good things and events over a year.







People who concern about getting the surgery done, do not hesitate,

but get consultation from Banobagi!


You will be amazed by surgeons’ professionalism!




I sincerely thank Banobagi for correcting my flaws

and found confident for me^^


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