Ricky’s Plastic Surgery Real Review




I started my 2nd life after plastic surgery!

Here is my before photos,, So gloomy..


I got surgery done in July, and a year has passed already. There are so many changes in life within this 1 year, and I want to go over my summarizing it^^






 One the day of the surgery



My mouth is tightened with tube on nose. 

I only wish 72 hours to pass as it is the worst time for swelling.

What I was thinking while taking that photo was, 

¡®what is it around my head?, did I tie my hair ponytail?¡¯ 






 4 days after the surgery



This is the day of my discharge from the clinic!!

I was bit nervous about leaving the clinic, but also excited to go home~

All I need to care about is the swelling now~ 


7 days after the surgery



Some swelling has subsided!! And I could see the change in my face. 

You can see that the bruise has gone down to neck area, and still swelling left, 

I could feel and see the difference of me!! Hehe

So happy~~~~ I should try my best for swelling subsidence~


20 days after the surgery



I have done warm towel massage every morning and I think it really helped!!

The swellings subsided quicker than I thought!! I wear facebands often and my mouth opens more in the afternoon, which is the time for eating!  I had 3 pieces of fried chicken and some crispy cream doughnuts~~



 Here is my before, you can see that my lips are protruded like a duck,, T.T

I can see the difference clearly which make me feel happier!!



1 month after the surgery



The swelling has subsided now,, and I started the orthodontic treatment~

From front and side, the swelling has gone down, but not all the way down below the chin,, it is still recovery period and I will be patient for about 3 months for swelling subsidence and wear facebands~ 



2 months after the surgery



The swelling does not stay, but slowly subside day by day. I can see the difference by taking photos everyday and compare the difference weekly.

I met my friends for the first time after surgery and heard all the complements that the surgery was success and I look better than ever. *^^*


3 months after the surgery



My V-line is being clearer as swelling subsides.

There are only a little left below the chin, and rest of the swelling is gone I think^^

I love my side profile ^^ Minor swelling which make me look cute ~ hehe

The time flows really fast from 3 weeks after the surgery~





17~ 18 weeks after the surgery


Fat extraction from abdomen, and injection on face! I injected fats on certain areas on face, but also extracted unnecessary fats on double chin and cheek area.

 My face got so small that can be covered with any kinds of masks~~!!

The swelling so was pretty major until 5 days after the surgery, but it went down pretty quickly, too! 




2 weeks after Accusculpt Lifting, Nose, and Eye surgery



There¡¯s some swelling left, with leftover bio-bonds on face. 

I gently massage everyday and hope bio-bonds to go away soon!!

I also got nose surgery with epicanthoplasty~ Natural as it can~

I worried about the swelling cuz I had history, but it wasn¡¯t that major as I thought, 

which is good ~~




 5 months after the surgery



After my surgery for nose, eyes and lifting, 

I forgot about two jaw surgery that I have done it 5 months ago, haha~

Bio-bonds are almost gone, and V-line appeared!!

A guy asked my number on street which was new experience, and exciting!





 26 weeks after the surgery



I can smile naturally, and this make me take off the braces now! Haha I don¡¯t have that typical two jaw surgery patient¡¯s mouth, but look natural, that¡¯s what others say. I can tie my hair back with confidence in faceline! I¡¯m losing some weight, too!!





7 months after the surgery



It¡¯s been already 7 months, the time goes really fast~

One of my habit is to take selfies whenever and wherever I go ~ cu I love my face !!

Bio-bonds on face are all gone! And sensation on chin came back~^^





Here is my before and after for comparison:

Even I think it doesn¡¯t look like me T.T




9 months after the surgery



I feel like this is my face from the beginning!

I had difficult times and could not eat well right after the surgery, 

but don¡¯t remember now.. haha

And brace are taken off now! So amazing how result has turned out!

I wear hair bands often these days, and it makes my face look smaller!




11 months after the surgery



The time of 1 year passed already~~ !!

I had such a huge change within this one year!!

People I meet complement me about my appearance saying I look pretty, and pure hearted!

I love my photos from any angles that is taken!!


It looks natural, and pretty which I love the most about the surgery T.T



Thank you Banobagi <3

Whoever is considering for major surgery like two jaw should choose the Safest and Trustworthy clinic!


With experienced surgeons and staffs, I believe my result has been success.


If you want to become naturally pretty, I strongly recommend you BANOBAGI Clinic~


I Love Banobagi surgeons and staffs who has been taking care of me for past 1 year !!





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