Shooding’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Dahee¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review

(Face contouring + Eyelid + forehead+ 

Rhinoplasty revision surgery)




From my old face, I now have more defined and feminine appearance.




-Face contour

-Non-incision double eyelid surgery with epi, lateral canthoplasty

-Rhinoplasty revision

-Forehead fat grafting


-Buccal fat removal




This is my before photos..T.T






As time goes and think over the process past 6 months, 

I cannot believe it is already been this long time since my plastic surgery.


I get used to my looks now every time that I cannot recognize my before face from me~~

Let me summarize over time of my plastic surgery!!


This is when I first woke up after surgery.


I remember that time, I had difficulties in breathing, and was surprised of my face 

in the mirror with swelled lips~


As I remember, the swelling on lips subsided so slowly..

And I had soymilk for all 3 meals a day..






Swelling subsided rapidly about 1 week after!!


This was when I was able to see my face contour result~


Being patient is necessary from this time ><!–!







I went out freely from this time. 

But I had much swelling on me..







This is the selfie about 55 days after surgery. Hehe

Face line seems good, even with some swelling,, right?







This is about 3 months after the surgery~


I decided to get Accusculpting done. the red circled area in the photo will be adjusted~ 

and let¡¯s see how mu face structure will turn out~!






To avoid skin sagging, I did lifting procedure^^


The swelling from the lifting lasted longer than I thought.

This is me after designing, before the surgery.







I also did buccal fat removal and about 1-2 weeks after, 

the swelling subsided and started to settle down on its place.







This is when swelling was subsided a lot, but I do look a little chubby, right?






I have beautiful face line where you cannot find the swellings before ^^







My expressions are so natural and over all face are well refined!!


I now have this face after 5 months!

It was a major surgery, so I hope you would find the clinic where you can trust like


That is why I chose Banobagi *^^*


Getting surgery done by experienced specialist made me relieved ^^


For people who wish to have natural face, 

I would strongly recommend Banobagi Plastic surgery Clinic^^


Can you see the difference now??







It takes about 1 year for face to be refined and natural~

For swelling subsidence, I would suggest you not to take too much sodium!








I thank and love BANOBAGI !!!


For your deliberate choice for plastic surgery, Banobagi will help^^







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