Sooah’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Hyejung¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour + Eye + Nose+ Forehead surgery)







After and before photo



Here is my drastic change of before and after photos.. haha


Before the surgery, I have done the surgery for face contour, and forehead surgery as Dr.Oh explained in detail, and Eyes and nose surgery was done by Dr.Kim.


So here we go with my real story~







5 days after the plastic surgery 



I was hospitalized for one day, and when I was in the patient¡¯s room, I just wanted to sleep.. 3 days passed so quickly.


I started wearing face band on the 4th day!

I wore it for 4 hours, 30 minutes at a time, and rested 30 minutes.

I was okay already after 4 days.





12 days after the plastic surgery



I could see my swelling subsidence day by day,, and on the second week!!! 

Bruises were gone, and I have No problem going out with make up on~


I went to the clinic for stitch removal 14 days after the surgery and got treatments for skincare and swelling subsidence which was very relaxing and effective ^^


The stitch removal was stinging T.T but I was told that the scar inside my mouth is healing really well, so that was relieving.






Before/ 15 days after the plastic surgery 



 I can see the clear difference with photo comparison.

Especially!! That cheekbone!! Make me take more selfies~~~~

I take a walk regularly, and wear face bands for prompt swelling subsidence~~


I started having meal with konyak jellies and watermelon, these are chewable to me now~






Before/ 1 month after the plastic surgery



On this comparison, can you see the WIDE face and eye size difference??

My eyes now look so clear and bright~


The swelling is not subsiding dramatically anymore, but when I compare by week, I see the difference. But I had buccal fat even before the surgery, so my friend says she cannot even notice if it is my buccal fat or swelling.. hehe


Front and side, it is beautifully smooth!

My cheekbone and jaw line got so slim!! T.T






Before/ 2 months after the plastic surgery



The swelling is still subsiding and the swelling is the worst in the morning time of the day.

Even with swelling, don¡¯t I still look good,,,? Hehe


Before the surgery, I wanted to take selfie with hood on, but when I put on the hood, 

it makes my cheekbone and angled face line so visible, so I didn¡¯t take it.


But now,, I just take it!!! ^^








Before/ 3 months after the plastic surgery



Even with air in my cheek area to look cute, 

that doesn¡¯t make my face look big anymore~~







4months after the plastic surgery



I kept forget to wear the face band 

and that made me feel like my cheek and jaw line little droopy.. T.T


So I wear them regularly for 3 days, and V-line appeared again~ haha





When I went for a check ?up on the 3rd month, the surgeon suggested me to lose more weight to get Accusculpting done for better effect of face contouring. 


He will check my condition once again after 2 months 

and decided whether Accusculpt is necessary for me,







Before/ 4-5 months after plastic surgery



I tried my best to fit in shape by working out, 

and also regularly wore the face band for V-Line!!


I don¡¯t want to remind myself of before with photos anymore¡¦

Because I¡¯m living Happier life than EVER!!






Before/ 6 months after the plastic surgery 



My face got small, nose got higher, with bigger eyes!!!

Thank you Banobagi Surgeon for Fantastic job for my natural beauty!!!! >_<





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