TISS’s real review of plastic surgeries!


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Tiss’s Plastic Surgery Real Review.
(Facial contour+Forehead fat graft+Lower facelift)


Hello, this is Tiss!
Finally, it has been about a year after the surgery at Banobagi.
I want to talk to you guys through my journey and results.



I wanted a more balanced face, more feminine features. I have very high cheek bones that stuck out further than any of my other features. I also had very angular jawline and small chin, and wanted to prevent my skin from sagging after facial contouring as well in consideration of anti-aging as I’m in my 30s.
When I went to Banobagi and met with Doctor Oh & Barn they were great at listening to my needs and wants and gave some advice based off both of their 20 years of experience. I decided to proceed with face contouring, fat graft and lower face lifting. I was constantly in contact with my consultant. She was so amazing the whole time. Even when I would have late night questions and concerns or early morning questions. She was always there. It was very reassuring that they not only cared about how I would look physically but also how I felt about everything.




When I woke up after the surgeries, I was already in my room and would be staying the night as part of the normal procedures at the Hospital. They want to make sure that you do well over night. I had around the clock nurse, who checked on my condition and ensure I had pain medicine. I had two tubes that were draining my jawline.




Once the stitches are out too you will see a huge decrease in the puffiness. My top part of my face has almost no swelling left, and the bottom part still has some. The swelling will reduce from top to bottom. I am getting more and more excited for the final results.




It is about 1 month and 1 week from my surgery date. Every day is getting better and better! All my friends are saying how small my face is and how young I look! I can still see some swelling but not much. I can really start to see where my cheeks are and my jawline. I think the doctors did a really great job making my face symmetrical. Now that my cheeks have been moved and they don’t stick out as far on the sides, my eyes look so big!


It is about 2 months out from my surgery and my fat transfer to my forehead. All the swelling is definitely gone in my forehead that went away pretty quickly. It really only took a week for all that swelling to disappear. I was unsure about getting my forehead done at first but I really really like how it turned out. In photos I no longer have shadows created by an uneven forehead. After lower face lifting, I could get well balanced face as my smaller face after the face contouring surgery. It also makes me look younger with naturally tightened my lower face skin.





I am sure everyone wants to look and feel better in photos! The staff and doctors there really care and have ensure that I am getting the best outcome. I am so thankful for them.





Take a look my before and after photos. What a wonderful change!




This is my photoshoots in studio with Banobagi! I got self-confidence after the surgeries and this gives a big change to my attitude.




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