Twinkle Princess’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Ms.K’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Rhinoplasty + Eyelid + Fat Grafting surgery)




Before photo shows how bulbous my nose was..

And my eyes look so sleepy, but I’m not..

Forehead is too flat which makes my face more masculine..T.T

Why wouldn’t I decide to get the surgery done?


I was so stressed and finally decided to get plastic surgery done,

and selected safest plastic surgery clinic called Banobagi.







Operation Area


Eyes: Double eyelid surgery + ptosis correction, lateral canthoplasty

Nose: Alar reduction, nose bridge

Forehead,Cheek: Fat grafting








This was my third day after surgery. I couldn’t sleep well..

I did ice-pack massaging.. you have to massage with ice-pack for 2-3 days!

This massage will help in swelling subsidence!







I started wearing make-ups maybe about 3 weeks after the surgery..!

(because the bruise was too visible..T.T)

After the make-up, it seems like my nose bridge got higher!?






Before/ 4 weeks after the surgery



Here is before and after photos for comparison….^^

Left is before, and right is after the surgery!


I had weak strength of muscle on upper eyes and that made my eyes look not clear..

I like it now that it look more natural~







I went to Bangkok, Thailand ~!^^

And took hundreds of photos with new ME!^^

It’s hard to believe that I really didn’t like to take photos before the surgery..






But as I got prettier than before,,

The photo looks good!!

So So SOOOOO Satisfying !!


Before / After Surgery



Left is the before, and right is the after!

My image is much more smoother, right? Also, my nose go smaller! ^^

I love to take photos these days~

I understand why people get plastic surgery done.








It’s been 3 months since my plastic surgery!

Swellings subsided already and my face is much more natural>.<

I don’t know how I lived without knowing Banobagi…. Hehe


I thank Banobagi surgeons for helping me find my confident and gave pretty face to me~

Also thank the staffs who always took care of me with smile on their face : )


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