Vika’s Plastic Surgery Real Review.


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Vika’s Plastic Surgery Real Review.
(Forehead Endotine+Lower facelift+Necklift+Accusculpt)



Hello, this is Vika!
Half a year has passed since I had the operation! 
It's just incredible! Let me show how I have changed!


When I was in high school, I began to notice that the skin on my eyelids drooped and my eyes became gloomy, even then I began to think that in the future I would like to have plastic surgery so that my eyes become fresh again.

I chose a clinic and a surgeon with the best reviews and extensive experience. Finally I decided to go to BANOBAGI !!




This is the third day after the surgery. I can't eat and talk normally because it's hard to move my face!

For yesterday, I thought that the skin under my eyes would burst from swelling, but today there was a little less swelling under my eyes, they moved to my cheeks.




This is a month has passed since the operation. I met a friend whom I hadn’t seen for a year.

She didn’t know that I had the surgery, and she was surprised to see me. She began to say that I had changed so much that my face became smaller and more beautiful.

I was very pleased to hear such words, it means that the operation was successful! 




This is 2 months after the surgery and also the day I went to my girlfriend's wedding for the first time in my life. I made myself a beautiful make-up and put on a beautiful dress.

Then I realized how beautiful I look! I was constantly complimented on how beautiful I am, how small my face is and how big my eyes are! I was very happy to hear this!




It's been 3 months since the operation.  Edema subsides well, they are almost gone. 
People around me didn’t notice that I had an operation, which means that the operation was done very naturally!  The scars on the head have become completely invisible!



It's been 6 months finally since the surgery!
Take a look how I have been changed!
After lower facelifting with Accusculpt, I got improvement on my marionette lines and also I could get v-line! I’m very surprised at that my brows have been lifted just like I had wanted! Thanks, Banobagi!
And for you guys, don’t hesitate to decide plastic surgery! Just go and have a consultation with banobagi for your beauty solutions!


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