Yepoong-ee’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


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Hyoni’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour + Rhinoplasty revision + Eyelid revision)



This is my overall review of plastic surgery for face contour, nose revision,

and eyelid revision surgery at Banobagi plastic surgery clinic 6 months ago!









2 days after, I removed the tape on jaw line and feel much more refreshing.

I have much swelling on chin area~

I was told that swelling will subside from top to bottom!

Don’t you worry if this swelling will last long! This means you are becoming pretty!^^


It wasn’t really distressing for me about not going out because of my look,

and cannot eat due to my condition.


It was only the progress of me becoming prettier after swelling subsidence~









Ta dah!


I removed the splint on nose and also staplers on cheekbone!

I got facial massage on this day at the clinic and it was for peeling, and skin care!


I was instructed by nurse that I should started on warm towel massage, no more ice-pack massage. And I can now eat soft foods like tofu, steamed eggs.


I didn’t have appetite at first, but as 4-5 passed,

I started finding my appetite and wanted to something or chew something soft.



And I received the face band~

the purpose of the face band is to prevent skin sagging.

But the nurse also told me that as cheekbone and square jaw is firmly fixed,

it is okay not to wear the face band.


I could just wear it when I remember, like when I watch TV, or when I exercise.







6 weeks after the surgery



It’s couple weeks after 1 month~ I changed my hair style~

I dyed it darker and made the bangs~

I think I look good with my hair up~

I never thought to put my hair up before the surgery.


I hope swelling will subside more..


My classmates said I look good on this hair style!

It makes my eyes and nose more refined!

Most of my classmates do not know about my surgery history,

but even friends who know, they say I look so natural!


Some even asked if I lost some weight and that’s it!


Wow, the swelling is subsiding pretty fast if people don’t notice this much!








3 months after the surgery



It’s been 3 months already..

I got used to this new look and forgot about my before look..


The most changed thing after surgery is that I am more confident about myself!

It is true and people around me compliment me for my positivity these days.


I kept my hair style the same for long time because that hair style was the only way to cover my face. But I don’t have to worry about it anymore!

As my face shape is smoothed, I look good on any hair style~

I’m thinking of making bangs grow longer.








5 months after the surgery



Cheek fats are gone, and minor swellings subsided.

I think the result show about two times greater than the first time!!


Wherever I go, I hear compliment about my appearance,

and that makes me feel really good that I chose the right clinic for plastic surgery!


I wanted natural difference, and the result is just like I wanted!!

The best thing I like after surgery is that my asymmetric face is corrected!








6 months after the surgery



I hear lot of compliments about my nose line these days.

I guess nose swelling subsided very much these days~


People actually don’t know if I have done the nose job… haha

It is so natural that I even forget sometimes about the nose job…^^

I think it is settling in its place now! I am happier day by day T.T


I had low self-esteem before the surgery and was always depressed,,

But after the plastic surgery done at Banobagi, not only I got prettier,

but also found my confidence!!


I had no problem after surgery and swelling went down so well,

and most gladly, the surgery result is natural and pretty!!!




I truly thank Banobagi surgeons and staffs!!





Before the surgery





After the surgery



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