Yoni’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Hello Everyone~

This is my real review after my plastic surgery at Banobagi Clinic >_< 

I¡¯m becoming prettier and prettier and that makes me happy everyday! 

I would like to summarize my plastic surgery diary! 





Here is my before and after photo of plastic surgery. 

You can see that after photo is more clearly defines and voluminous face just like I wished! I was self-conscience about angles square jaw, and short chin which makes my cheekbone and mouth protruded. T.T 

My eyes look sleepy and tired looking which was also very stressful to me.


So I decided to get Plastic surgery done for my Square Jaw, Cheekbone, Front Chin, Nose revision, and Ptosis correction for eyes at BANOBAGI Plastic surgery Clinic!




 1 Week after the surgery



I was swelled for about 3-4 days after surgery, but it all slowly subsided after 5 days~ One week after surgery, I was able to wash my hair, and do everyday activity >_<







2 Weeks after the surgery



It seems like more swelling subsided after 2 weeks~ 

I also wondered what if this remaining swelling won¡¯t subside.. but after some time, It all went away. This was when I first wear the make-up after surgery~ and my friends also told me the swelling has subsided a lot more than before!! 

I cannot wait to see my face getting smaller >.<








 3 Weeks after the surgery


I wear facebands very often for swelling to subside faster ! 

The nurse told me it would help~ This is me after 3 weeks and my smile is natural now^^The dermatology treatment after surgery was done, and the staffs were so nice and professional that I can feel the difference of my face a day after the treatment~ 

I take good nutrients everyday and feeling very happy to see my face changing ^^







6 Weeks after the surgery


I struggled with swelling when I first got the surgery done, and that has been already 6 weeks before~ I look so prettier than before T.T my nose is more defined with brighter eyes and slimmer jaw line !!! My friends are jealous of my look~ My major swelling subsided about 1 month after surgery and I worked out to lose more swelling after.  

The treatments at dermatology was very helpful for swelling subsidence~





10 Weeks after the surgery


Wow, 2 months passed so quickly~ 

And once again, compare to my look before,, I thank I chose Banobagi for my surgery and felling happy day by day !  my before was flat and angry looking face, but now, with smaller face shape, beautiful eyes and sharper nose~ 





 3 months after the surgery


My eyes look clearer, nose is sharper~ 

Flat and wide face became smaller~ it is so naturally done that people who came to congratulate my birthday says I just became so pretty all of the sudden after losing weight, but does not know I got the surgery done! 



14 weeks after the surgery


Ta Dah~ where can you find my face line before? Nowhere! 

I rarely took photos before surgery because my face looks bigger in the photo, but now days, I just take photos whenever~ 

Sometimes I want to pinch myself if this is real me !!  

So impressive!! T.T




4 months after the surgery


It¡¯s been already 4 months after surgery~ my swelling is still subsiding even now, I can feel and see myself that I¡¯m still getting better and better everyday~ Before the surgery, I had to photoshop for every photo I took, 

but now, NO NEED !! ^_________^





18 weeks after the surgery


So slim face with sharper nose as I wished! After 18 weeks, it is so normal like before that I sometime forgery I got the surgery done!






22 weeks after the surgery


This is me after 5 month~ 

I never thought of wearing cap before with my wide face T.T and now, The cap I¡¯m wearing make my face look smaller! My eyes got bigger, and nose changed from upturned nose. Most importantly, now I have chin! 

(Impressed once again!!)




Finally 6 months after the surgery!


Smaller and defined face!! 

You can consider this face is all without selling after 6 months~ 

clearer eyes, extended nose, slimmer jaw, with front Chin!

I sincerely thank all the Banobagi surgeons for giving me a new life T.T 

Also Thank all the staffs who has been like angels whenever I visit the clinic!


If you are still considering to get the surgery done..

Do not consider, but choose It is recommended clinic!


Thank you for reading all my stories  ^^












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