Zyeah’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


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Hi everyone!

I am Zyeah and I am here to tell you my trip of breast surgery!





I am 168 cm tall and my thorax is not narrow, so I was more stressed about the size of my chest.

Looking at the picture, you could be confused whether it is back or the chest.

After giving the birth, my breasts became smaller and I get stressed more and more.





As for underwear, I only wore bra with the thickest pad. I couldn't imagine myself without pads,

so I almost got depressed when I saw friends who hadn't given birth or people with naturally big breasts.

The size is also getting smaller and the elasticity is also gone, so if I lie down without wearing bra at home, my husband didn’t notice whether it is chest or back.





Let me tell you the story from the day of surgery to the week after surgery!

I proceeded with ‘Motiva/both sides 320cc/breast fold line’

I was hospitalized for one day after surgery. My blood pressure was checked every 10 minutes automatically.

The nurse checked my vital sign all the night, and I was given painkiller through the

intravenous dropping solution! It was tingling all night and a little sore, but tolerable!





It was the 3rd day after the surgery, and I was able to go to work right away!

There were no problems in daily life.

The tingling sensation continued, but after the bandage was removed, the tingling sensation disappeared!

The upper breast swelling still remained at that time, but the side line has softened slightly.

From this moment, I could move my arms freely already.




It's already a month since the surgery!
The feeling is getting better and better. 





As you see in the photo, even I pressed a little harder, the hard texture was definitely gone after the swelling has relaxed.





Motiva has the advantage of maintaining the pretty shape when lying on my side. That’s why I choose Motiva implant.




It's been two months already!

Now, except for applying scar cream and attaching scar tape, it feels so natural that I forgot I have done the surgery.

The scar is getting better and better, almost invisible.





I went for the third massage.

I was very touched that banobagi is also very responsible for even post-op care.





In the past, I used to wear sportswear with thick gel pads

Now I am happy that I could exercise wearing only nipple pads! I don’t need ‘special bra’ with thick pads anymore!

It seems like yesterday that I was thinking a lot about taking breast surgery, but time really flies!!!

This is one of the best things I ever done in my life!! 🙂

If there is someone else who hesitate to take breast surgery, I want to say it is waste of time.



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