Artecoll Filler Injection Real Review


Yeoni’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contouring surgery + Rhinoplasty)



It’s been 8 months since my face contouring surgery and as time passes, it feels like my face now seems like mine than my before face.


Here is the face from before and now~





Before is before……T.T

(but I want to erase it !!!)






Take a look at the photo right after the surgery~



I had hemovac on me on that day.

Well I don’t even remember, but it was disaster back them… hehe

I think I suffered from pain and difficulties on the second day than the first day after surgery.









This is about a week after the surgery.

I did ice-pack massage regularly!

It was pretty difficult for about a week.


I couldn’t have meal, but only blended juice or soup,

so I was physically very stressed and tired.



But for better me,,, I could hold on!!!!!








It’s been a month, and I go out without masks these days..

It look like I have cheek fats..?







When I massage with ice-pack,

It made me feel good that my face is getting slimmer day by day.

It was feeling good to swelling the swelling subsiding~






These are the photos after two months~

Left is taken in the morning with a bit of swelling,

and the right is the photo taken in the afternoon.

Can you see the difference in swelling

in the morning and afternoon ON THE SAME DAY???!


I hope my face will settle to slimmer like wished result!








I think this time was about 3 months after the surgery.. and my face got so small!!!!

It looks a bit chubby, but the important thing is that my face got slim!!


I was afraid to wear hats, but I think the hats look good on me too!






Before Accusculpt Laser



No need to cover face with hair! Photos taken even from far apart, or close up.

And I can put two fingers in mouth.

It is not a problem when I eat food, but I do have to practice more to open wider.







Right after Accusculpt Laser

Few days after Accuscupt Laser



I was sooooooo stressed because of the swelling from accusculpting. T.T

It was because I know that I had to stay home until swelling subsidence.








My face got real slim!!

I did ptosis correction also and it make my face more refined ~


I can see the swelling, but 2~3 weeks after,

it went down and not noticeable when I wear the make-ups~


Swelling does subside differently from each side.

BUT!! Don’t be so nervous, it will subside eventually~






My very recent photos~!

I took the photo with something in my mouth,, keke

I changed a lot, right?

I still have the swelling from accusculpt,but it is the process of recovery~


I will meet Dr.Oh for check-up two months after~

Then my swelling will disappear then, right?

Expecting for better look by then ^^


I look natural and my face lines are so beautiful compare to before,

So I am Fully SATISFIED with the result!!!


Be prettier you guys ~~ ^^


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